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Forever Yours Series

Forever Yours Series (Novellas 1-4), by Deila Longford

Forever Yours Part One
Forever Yours - Part One  (#1)

~Synopsis (from Goodreads)~

"In Portland Maine, lives a girl called Rose Peterson. She is human, hardworking, shy, and keeps herself to herself. Rose doesn't buy into all of the silly things that life has to offer, she doesn't like to shop or watch chick flicks, instead she indulges in scary movies and reading books. Meet Dalton Clark, he is stunning, mysterious, sarcastic and supernatural. When Rose bumps into him at her local convince store, she is mesmerized, intrigued and petrified of his ever changing eyes. Who is Dalton Clark and what is his story? What happens when these two strangers collide? Is it instant sparks, or an overwhelming tragedy?"

   ~My Rating: 2/5 Roses~

~My Review~

I was hoping to enjoy this story, especially considering the main character and I share a first name.  Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this book very much.

The story was alright, but it simply seems like a cheap spin-off of the Twilight series.  The plot is predictable and a bit melodramatic.  I was disappointed with the lack of originality (Portland, Maine, really??) and now slightly offended that the character has my name...

My main issue with it, is it doesn't seem like it was spell-checked, grammar checked, or edited.  The whole book needs serious editing, and there are so many simple mistakes, it's just irritating.

I did finish it though, and want to continue reading the series (it has to get better right?), so I think it balances out to 2 roses.

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Forever Yours Part Two
Forever Yours - Part Two  (#2)

~Synopsis (from Goodreads)~

"‘Her blood is his greatest desire!’

Rose Peterson and Dalton Clark, had an electrifying first date, there was kisses, icy fingers and cold words. Hunger burned through his red eyes and he gave into his desire. Rose was paralyzed by his touch, but what happened next? Is this the start of a beautiful relationship or is it a tragedy waiting to happen?"

    ~My Rating: 2/5 Roses~

~My Review~

The second part of this series is needed for the story to continue, but out of the 4 novellas, this is my least favorite. Highly predictable, not edited, and the characters are incredibly annoying.

This seems like a novella (and the whole series, really) for people who didn't like the Twilight series, and want an anti-Twilight plot. The main male character is a jerk, and not someone any self-respecting girl would want to be with. Because of that, and her incredibly irritating personality, Rose simply seems stupid, desperate, and needy. Unlike Bella in the Twilight story, Rose hasn't thought anything through, and she's irritating for more shallow and vacant reasons than Bella.

I'm still leaving it 2 roses, because the ending left me with some hope that the next installment will be better, and I'm still reading the series. I may come to regret that decision...

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Forever Yours Part Three
Forever Yours - Part Three  (#3)

~Synopsis (from Goodreads)~

"Rose Peterson loves Dalton Clark, and she is willing to give up her humanity to be with him. But with vampire emotions running high, will Dalton agree to turn her? Does he love Rose and does he want to be with her, forever? As their story unfolds, Rose opens up and lets Dalton into her painful world, but will he do the same? Will Dalton finally admit that he cares about Rose?"

  ~My Rating: 3/5 Roses~

~My Review~ 

Ok, so this story is getting better, there's a little more depth and plot behind the cliches.  This installment wasn't as bad to read, and while it's not one I'll read again, it's made me no longer regret reading the first two books, as much...

This one also has serious editing issues, although slightly better than the previous two parts of the story.  I'd hesitate recommending because you'd have to read the first two novellas, so I'll leave it at 3 roses.

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Forever Yours Part Four
Forever Yours - Part Four  (#4)

~Synopsis (from Goodreads)~

"Rose Peterson has changed in so many ways since she met Dalton Clark. But the biggest change is that she is about to become a vampire. Rose's love for Dalton consumed her, and she wasn't prepared to wait for him to turn her. So Rose took matters into her own hands, and she sought the help of Nicholas, Dalton's somewhat dangerous Brother. How will Dalton react when Rose wakes up? And what kind of vampire will Rose be? How will their story end? Will it be a happily ever after? Or an eternity of misery?"

   ~My Rating: 1/5 Roses~

~My Review~

This book killed everything the third installment fixed for me.  Just when I had hope from the third book, this one came along and made me cringe.

I can honestly say, this isn't a story I enjoyed reading, and it's not one I'd recommend.  Along with all the same editing mistakes (spell-checker, people, come on!  Sheesh...) the story became completely cliche, lost all plot originality (even had the running through the woods scene from Twilight), and the ending was not one I enjoyed.

I'm glad it's over...

~Overall Thoughts/Review of the Series~

I'd say overall, if this series was a full novel, it would get 2 roses.  The writing was decent, if you ignore the painful lack of editing.  With a proper spell-check session, and a good editor, this series would improve a lot for the readers, and would then simply be a well written cliche story.

Forever Yours is not a series I'd be quick to recommend, unless you're just in love with all things vampire, and wouldn't mind a cliche spin-off of Twilight.  For me, I enjoy some sort of originality to books, and this really had none at all.  Change some names and the car they drive, and you've basically got a mirror-image story of Twilight.  If you'd enjoy that, and can get past cringe-worthy lack of editing, then you'd probably like this series.

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