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"Gemini the Heir" Series, by Kristen DaRay!

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Kristen was born in Alabama in 1991 and still resides there today. She has been writing since the 6th grade. However, she did not begin to write fiction until she was 15. In 2009, Kristen had an idea that would spark the concept for Gemini of Emréiana that she would later write in 2011. During that time, she met her husband. They married in August of 2012. When Kristen is not writing, she spends time watching Korean Drama's or creating SIM's 3 stories. Kristen continues to write the next novels to the Gemini Trilogy. She also plans to release a new series later on in the year.

Gemini of Emreiana
(Gemini Series Book #1)

~Published: November 27th, 2013

~Pages: 308

~GenresYoung Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

My entire life has been a lie: My parents didn't die in a car accident. They're not even dead. I'm not American. I'm not even human. I have strange powers, and I'm the heir to the throne of the planet Emreiana. 

If I take the crown, I have to leave behind everything I have known here on Earth. I would have to say goodbye to my friends and leave behind Kyle, the boy I've loved since I was five. If I don't, then I risk the Bremoir finding me here on Earth and destroying everything I love.

 Can you share your idea of the perfect soundtrack to ‘Gemini of Emreiana’ with us? 

Daylight - Maroon 5
Sleep - Poets of the Fall
Just Give Me A Reason - Pink, feat. Nate Russ
Wake Me Up -Avicii
Demons - Imagine Dragons
Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift
Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
Sky Scraper - Demi Lovato
Ghost - Blue Foundation

A large rock soared through the sky. Around it was an aurora of white and purple. I held my breath and admired its beauty as it slowly passed the window.
“It’s Emréiana’s comet,” Aaronmon told me. “It only passes by once every nineteen years. The last time someone truly magnificent was born.”
I cocked my head, confused. I soon realized his meaning. “Me,” I whispered under my breath. With everything that had been going on I had completely forgotten that I even had a birthday. Of course the Emréian calender was different from Earth’s. I didn’t even realize it was already August there.
“As you know, we don’t celebrate birthdays the same way here. So it wasn’t hard to sneak it past you.” Aaronmon smiled. In Emréiana they didn’t celebrate annual birthdays. New Year was when people actually counted their new age. The only birthday type of celebration was during the third Hurmon moon when they had the nilva festivities. That was when those who had grown into their abilities received their tattoos. Mine was celebrated on Earth before I came to Emréiana, but the community of Inae gave me another shortly after my arrival. Since I already had a tattoo, I had just participated in everything else, which had been awkward since I spoke very little Emréian at the time. Thinking back on all of that, I still couldn’t believe that I had forgotten my birthday.
Embarrassment radiated from me, and I tried to hold it back so that I wouldn’t send the waves to Aaronmon. I guess it didn’t matter because I could tell by the grin on his face that he knew. My reddened cheeks probably gave me away.
“I know back on Earth individual birthdays were the norm, and I thought that this could be something special between you and me,” he offered.
I smiled at his thoughtfulness and leaned into his chest. “Every year?” I asked.
“Well, the comet only comes every nineteen, so we will have to figure something else out.”
“Deal,” I said.

4/5 Roses ~

Finding out your entire life has been a lie would be incredibly difficult to deal with.  Finding out your not even human?  Well, that's just a whole new level of "oh boy."  That's exactly what happens to Carson during her senior year of high school.  Preparing for her valedictorian speech was one of the biggest stressers she had to deal with, up until Aaronmon shows up in her dreams.

We follow Carson as she struggles to accept her new life, and let go of the lies she knew as her life on Earth.  As she faces confronting another alien race, with the goal of killing her, before she stops them from taking over the universe.  She faces an intense romance, and the idea of one day becoming Queen.  Anyone else overwhelmed yet?  Yeah, I was too!  

This story is constantly jaw dropping, from the incredible planet Kristen DaRay created, to the shocking developments throughout this book.  The first chapter starts off throwing you right into the beginning of Carson's adventure, and doesn't let up for a single page.  You feel immensely connect to Carson, and really want to root for her, and see her succeed.  She's a fantastic lead-female character, and one I really enjoyed following.

This is a book I enjoyed quite a bit.  My only reason for taking away a rose, without giving away spoilers, was for a few plot events I didn't care for personally.  I really enjoyed this story though, and am looking forward to reading the sequel.  I would recommend it to any sci-fi or fantasy fan.

*I was given an eCopy of this book, from the author via Girls *Heart* Books Tours, to read in exchange for an honest review.

Gemini the Heir
(Gemini Book # 2)

~Published: September 28th, 2013

~Length: 131 Pages

~GenresYoung Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Just a year ago, I thought I was an ordinary human, and I gave up everything on Earth to save the people I loved. I have become the Lenai of Emréiana, making me the heir to the Emréian throne. It also makes me in charge of defeating the Bremoir, a race that has been consuming other worlds. If I can’t stop them, the universe is doomed.

Then there is Aaronmon, my betrothed. We have only known each other for a year, but our bond is strong. It’s that bond that makes it hard to know my true feelings. While I think I am ready for the ceremony, I wonder if I really love him like I loved Kyle, my ex- boyfriend who was murdered.

But none of my feelings matter. In order to rule Emréiana, I must go through with the bonding ceremony. If I don’t, then I risk losing the right as heir and I’ll have no power in the war against the Bremoir. Nobody wants them defeated more than me.

Please share your idea of the perfect soundtrack to ‘Gemini the Heir’ with us.

Daylight - Maroon 5
Sleep - Poets of the Fall
Just Give Me A Reason - Pink
Wake Me Up -Avicii
Demons - Imagine Dragons
Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift
Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
Sky Scraper - Demi Lovato
Ghost - Blue Foundation

My mouth soured, and I leaned over the side of the bed to allow my stomach to regurgitate. A warm copper taste filled my mouth. I looked down and saw red. The taste of blood lingered on my tongue—the final stage in the virus. I spit out the remaining blood, and I heard frantic voices around me. They knew it, too. My stomach ached; the rest of my body as well. I kept my eyes closed; the light in the room made my head pound even more. It was worse now than it had been earlier; every throb felt heavy and loud. The pain was building up, and I was sure that my skull could not hold the pressure. 
My body’s strength was lost, and I struggled to fight sleep. If I closed my eyes, would I wake up? I wanted to resist, but my body had no strength. My eyes drifted, and I took in the darkness, afraid to meet what awaited me there.

By the Author

If the Gemini Series was made into movies and you could cast anyone you wanted, who would you choose?

To play Carsona:

from the TV shows
Jane by Design
The Lake

To play Aaronmon:

from the TV shows

Wizards of Waverly Place
How I Met Your Mother
That's So Raven

To play The Krea:

from the TV show

Pretty Little Liars
Picket Fences

To play Jase:

from the TV shows
Sam & Cat 

To play Karlie:

from the TV show

Hannah Montana

& the movie


To play Kyle:

from the films
The Twilight Saga
Running Scared
Thank You for Smoking

& the TV show
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Personally, I love the covers, and the stories sound interesting. 

What do you think of this series?  Does it sound interesting?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you for your review on Gemini of Emreiana and I'm so glad you did the dream cast. I love that you went as far to include what they all played in before... I never thought about including that! I hope to see you for future tours! I love your blog!

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