Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year's Resolutions, 2014

Hey guys!  

Today I'm going to post about my New Year's Resolutions for this year.  I know most people have their lists closer to the start of January, but I take a little while to decide stuff, so I'm a tad tardy with this :P

These aren't all about books or reviews, some are personal (you've been warned...).  Better late than never, here are my resolutions for 2014:

1) Publish one of my books!
       I am going to publish one of my books this year.  No more excuses, no procrastinating, no hiding under my bed.  I'm gonna do it peeps, whoot! :D

2) I'm going to have more fun!
       Most people probably don't know this (or maybe they do, I don't know...) but I originally started this blog to fulfill a resolution for last year: to put myself out into the world more.  I'm chronically shy, and always have been.  So, in my life-long quest to get out from under the rock I've spend most of my life, I started a blog to share my book reviews an opinions.  I think that's gone pretty well- it's exploded into something I never imagined, and I've found a few paths leading to some long-forgotten dreams.
       Now, though, I've realized that my blog has gone from fun and "get myself out there, express myself" to several services, and more professional and serious. 
       Likewise, so have I.  I stopped having fun last year, and it kind of sucks.  So, to mend that side-effect, I've started a second blog: Desert Rose Reviews: UnPlugged; Version 2.o: The Goofy, the Fun, & the Random.  I'm going to be more fun, if it kills me people... 
(pssst!  Wanna check the new blog out??  Click here! :) Thanks!)

3) Figure out how to exercise, without hurting myself.
       Long story short, I have a chronic condition that caused me to have a somewhat emergency hysterectomy when I was 21 (a week before Christmas too, not fun :P).  Since then, and because I am still dealing with the original condition, I haven't been able to exercise without risking damage.  But!  I am going to figure out how to work out again this year.  I used to be a workout nazi (a term my hubby gave me, thank you very much) with cross-country running, soccer, mountain biking, rollerblading...*sigh* I needs to work out! :O

4) Fewer read4reviews.
       At the end quarter of last year, I got way overloaded on books to read 4 review.  I'm still working on that list, which really irks me.  I don't like being that stressed, and having so much hanging over my head.  So, I am going to be more picky about the books I agree to read and review, and I'm going to sign up for fewer review-only blog tours.

5) Read for fun!
       A side effect of the humongous list of books to read 4 review, is not having enough time to read for fun.  Luxury reading really is just that, a luxury, and one I miss terribly.  A post on Cuddlebuggery Book Blog really hit home with me a few weeks ago, talking about how she was so overwhelmed with everything she was doing on the blog, that it wasn't fun any more.  No one wants a fun-sucker hobby, so before mine gets to be any more of a fun-sucker, I'm going to start having more fun, and doing things here that I don't have to do, but that I want to do.

6) Review more than just books!!
       Another thing you probably didn't know: Desert Rose Reviews is not an exclusively books only blog!  We review everything!!  Or at least, that was the idea.  So, starting soon, we are going to be having reviews of other stuff as well, like movies and music.  We'll also have that kind of thing on the other blog (the goofy one) and we'll keep it fun and open :)

7) Express myself more.
       I tend to let my serious side take over when I blog and/or write.  Not good.  Blogging is supposed to be fun, at least, it is for me.  I'm going to try and express myself more, and not be so robot-woman-who-needs-a-drink with my posts and reviews.  (Seriously, I'm trembling with nervous energy just writing this post, thinking about expressing myself more, and putting myself out there more than I already am.  Chronic social phobias suck, and I'm going to beat this one!)

8)  Add More Color!
       You may have noticed, but I've started adding more color to my posts!  Monotone color- boring!  I'm keeping this one on the list though, because it's one I want to keep doing, and make a habit.

9) Keep up with everything a bit better.
       I started a lot of stuff last year, like a Tumblr (which has like, 2 posts?  Eeshk!) and Facebook Page.  I'm going to work on posting to more places than just this blog, Goodreads and Amazon.  Breaking out of my shell people! :D

10) Do something goofy and unexpected every day.
       Might not be able to do this, but I'm sure as butterflies going to try!  

Ok, so there's my list.  I'm going to do my best to stick to it, and give you guys some great stuff to look forward to this year.  I'm growing and learning, and you guys help so much :)

Thanks to anyone who reads this- I appreciate it!

I hope you all have fantastic adventures, and have a wonderful 2014!



P.S. Any comments, feedback, thoughts, musings, and/or random whips of almost-thoughts are all welcome! :D