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"Royal Pain" by Danielle Doolittle!
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Danielle Doolittle

With a bachelor’s degree in English, Danielle has always had a passion for the written word. 

Initially starting out to be a high school teacher, she soon realized writing was her calling. 

Danielle lives in Ohio with her family. When she’s not writing (which is rare) she’s spending time with her husband, wrangling two rambunctious boys and one rowdy little girl, and a good love story. Oh, and an Alpha hero is a must!

Danielle enjoys copious amounts of coffee and dark chocolate, chatting on Twitter, and baking like she’s on Cupcake Wars. 

Sweetwater Creek #1

~By: Danielle Doolittle

~Published: January 6th, 2014

~Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Falling in love can be a royal pain.

A cocktail of sex, booze, and breakneck speeds is what sends Prince Henry of Benignus into rehab. He’s expecting to skip out on lectures and smoke behind the shed. He’s not expecting Carleigh.

Carleigh Philips knows Henry is trouble. His bad-boy attitude reeks of self-importance and over-indulgence. She’s not expecting him to lift a royal finger during his time at the ranch. She’s not expecting him to be a threat to her heart.

When Carleigh’s life is on the line, will Prince Henry step up to the plate? Or will he prove he really is nothing but a phony royal pain?

     “All rise. The Honorable Judge Freeland presiding.” 

     The bailiff’s voice caused Henry’s brain to ricochet against his skull. He was slow to gain his feet as an elderly man in a billowing, black robe walked briskly from a doorway set to the side of the room. Henry watched his bald head reflect the light as he took his seat at the bench. 

     The sooner this little show was over, the sooner he could find his car and get back to Chicago. His brother was expecting him. While he wasn’t looking forward to the idea of dealing with official state business, Henry found he actually missed Alexei. Must have been the hangover. 

     He hadn’t been home in six months. Not since they’d issued him the ultimatum. It was either change his ways on his own, or his family had resolved they would do it for him. He knew how they wished to solve what they perceived as his problem, so Henry packed up and headed to America. Here, his only official business involved deciding which party to attend and who he was taking back to the hotel with him afterward. 

     “What have you to say for yourself?” The old judge’s gravelly voice made Henry realize he should have been paying attention. 


     “I said, after your actions last night, what do you have to say for yourself?” 

     “I can honestly say, sir, that I sorely regret having to take the jobs of all the night staff at the Hilton for allowing me to leave the hotel in such a condition. So if you will let me be on my way, it would seem I have some business to attend to. And I assure you, after today, you will never have to see my face again. Now, if I could be on my way?”

     “Hold it right there, son.” Steel had worked its way into Judge Freeland’s voice. “I know who you are, and I believe you expect it will allow you to walk away from this without feeling any repercussions. I’m here to tell you, young man, that in that assumption, you are very wrong.”

     Henry felt himself shift under the weight of the old judge’s glare. 

     “You will find that we treat all offenders equally here in Sweetwater. You have quite a list of offenses: DUI, assaulting an officer, public nudity.”

     Public what? 

     “Now, see here!” Henry was outraged. Who did this backwater, sorry excuse for a judge think he was? Henry was royalty, nobility. Granted, he was currently on the outs with the family, but that didn’t change anything. He was entitled to a standard of treatment, and this old man was about to get a lesson in etiquette.

     “Before you can launch into how I have offended your noble lineage, Your Highness, you should know that the District Attorney has been in contact with your embassy in Chicago. The royal family has been made abreast of our office’s suggested sentencing and has fully backed it.”

     What? Those nosey diplomats never bothered to stick their noses in his business before. Why start now? 

     “While I cannot pass a ruling on someone with diplomatic immunity such as you, I do have this message.” Pulling a crisp sheet of paper from the manila folder he had carried into the room, the old man cleared his throat before continuing. “It is the decision of the Kingdom of Benignus that Prince Henry Xavier Bartholomew Reginald Fitzgerald be sentenced to thirty days in supervised detox at Mount Mercy Rehabilitation, followed by six months at Sweetwater Creek Ranch and completion of their sober living program. If he does not comply with our stipulations, steps will be taken to strip him of his immunity, and we will not interfere with any who wish to prosecute him for his transgressions.”


     “I believe, despite that splitting headache I’m sure you are suffering, you heard me clearly. Thirty days at Mount Mercy, six months at Sweetwater Creek, and completion of the program or jail. Your choice.”

Between the title and the cover, it's pretty obvious that Royal Pain is a romantic comedy.  Then there's the synopsis, which has all the key words promising an entertaining story.  I sometimes worry about romantic comedies- they can be cliche and overly dramatic.  Luckily for me, this one isn't cliche, and while there is drama, a lot of it is a good, suspenseful, somewhat action-y kind of drama.

First off, the characters.  Wow!  I love Carleigh's personality!!  Fiery red-head for sure, but in the best kind of way.  She's been through difficult experiences and situations, as any good main character has.  Henry has as well, and the things in his past were a total shock to me.  At first, I didn't like his character at all.  However, as we got to know him more, he grew on me, just as he did on Carleigh.  I also really loved Graham's character.  He's the best kind of dad- strong, supportive, protective, but truly wants his daughter to find love and happiness.  He cares about people, and can see past Henry's mistakes to give him a chance at finding a new life.  

The overall plot was wonderfully unique.  There were several surprises and twists that I didn't see coming, especially in the last quarter of the book.  Through part of it, I was completely wide-eyed, biting my nails, almost afraid of what would happen!  I'm a sucker for a good prince/princess story, so this book has left me very happy.

Mrs. Doolittle is a very good writer, and I enjoy her style.  She portrayed the larger-than-life personalities of both Henry and Carleigh very well, and made them both come to life.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and look forward to reading more from her in the future.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes good romantic comedies.

*I was given an eARC copy of this book, from the author's publisher (Entranced Publishing), to read in exchange for an honest review.

Broken Crown – Mumford & Sons

Falling for You – Colbie Caillet

Demons – Imagine Dragons

Home – Phillip Phillips

Arms – Christina Perri

I Should Go – Levi Kreis

Leave – Glen Hansard

Ashes and Wine – A Fine Frenzy

Shelter – Birdy

A Drop in the Ocean – Ron Pope

Forever – Ben Harper

You've Got the Love - Florence + The Machine

by Danielle Doolittle

Jason Behr as Prince Henry Fitzgerald

Henry is a 25-year-old royal pain in the ass. Second in line to the thrown of the kingdom of Benignus, Henry has made it his life's mission to be as unsuitable to rule as possible. He has his own reasons, dark secrets and demons that lead him to self-destruct. Sentenced to six months of rehabilitation at Sweetwater Creek Ranch, Henry finds himself coming face to face with the one thing he vowed never to deal with again—his heart. Carleigh Phillips, daughter of the doctor in charge of his treatment and horse trainer at the ranch, is everything Henry never wanted and everything he needs. Henry must decide who has more power of him, his past or his love for Carleigh.

Bryce Dallas Howard as Carleigh Phillips

Carleigh's spent her entire life at Sweetwater Creek and hasn't wanted anything more. Dealt enough disappointments from anyone outside her little world, Carleigh takes one look at Henry and knows he's bad news, too bad her heart didn't get the memo. Working with the stubborn, handsome prince, Carleigh gets a glimpse of the man he hides behind his playboy facade. But with a past of dealing people who aren't what the claim can she work past the wrongs that scar he heart and embrace the one man whose love will protect her at all costs?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Dr. Graham Phillips

Director of Sweetwater Creek Ranch, Graham is in charge of the recovery of the eclectic mix of addicts that find themselves spending time on his property. He leads them to recovery with a mix of compassion, strength, and good old fashioned hard work. Graham has his own share of heartache and guilt. He desperately wants to believe in Henry, especially when he sees the sparks between him and his daughter, Carleigh.
Kathy Bates as Hattie

Hattie is the cook at Sweetwater Creek and always has a wish, often unasked for, word of advice. She's got a smart mouth and a big heart and true compassion for those she cares about. Hattie can be your best friend or worst enemy at Sweetwater Creek, it's best to stay on her good side and always clear your plate.
Travis Van Winkle as Dr. Ryan Montgomery

The only Veterinarian in town, Ryan quickly swept Carleigh off her feet. When he was found in the arms of another woman, Carleigh broke things off with him and he's never been able to forgive her the slight. Ryan finds reason after reason to be around Carleigh and he lets Henry know exactly how he sees her—at his side in the very near future. Ryan's behavior becomes dangerous, threatening more than just Carleigh's chances with her prince.

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  1. Oh, my. Carleigh has her work cut out because Henry is just awful. I totally fell for Ms. Doolittle's characterizations, which were very vivid and in this scene - annoying! lol
    Wishing her much success (and that Carleigh succeeds in taming the annoying Henry)!

    1. I totally agree, I love Mrs. Doolittle's characterizations! It was fun to see how Carleigh (somewhat) tamed Henry ;)


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