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*Author Spotlight, Interview & Giveaway*
Nadine Christian!

Today, we have author Nadine Christian visiting Desert Rose Reviews!  She has an incredibly interesting personal story, as well as having written several interesting stories ;)  She has 3 suspenseful romance books out at the moment, perfect for the "Season of Love" this week!  There's an interview and giveaway, but first, here's some info about her books: 
Remembering Love

~Published: February 1st, 2014

~Publisher: Eternal Press

~Pages: 152

Has a Solid 4.4 Star Rating on Goodreads & Amazon!!

When all is lost, how do you remember love? When her beloved foster parents pass away, Holly discovers a past both shocking and heartbreaking: the murder/suicide of her biological parents on the South Pacific island of Pitcairn, famous for the HMAV Bounty mutineers. Travelling to a home she does not remember, Holly reconnects with long-lost childhood friend Jack. An old friendship quickly becomes more...until a dark secret is uncovered. Will joyous love remembered become heartbreak? Can she find out the truth before someone else is hurt?

Quintal's Return
(The Bounty's Return Series, Book 1)

~Published: August 1st, 2013

~Publisher: Eternal Press

~Pages: 202

Has a Solid 4.6 Star Rating on Goodreads & Amazon!!

Book 1 of The Bounty's Return series A new job, a new love...and someone out for revenge. Hotelier Kate Quintal and her sister Jen are hired to run a new luxury hotel on Pitcairn Island. Anticipating only the hard work that running the new facility would entail, a burgeoning romance with the burly and handsome Bryce Brown is the last thing she expected. With a new love and the success of the island's new tourism endeavor, life seems sweet. So, why are things suddenly falling apart? Who is trying to sabotage the hotel, and why? Kate finds herself fighting, not only for her job, or her heart...but her life.

Home Again, Home Again
(The Bounty's Return Series, Book 2)

~Published: November 1st, 2013

~Publisher: Eternal Press

~Pages: 158

Has an amazing 4.8 Star Rating on Goodreads & Amazon!!

Book 2 of The Bounty's Return series.
One choice to make between two loves…but, who’s fooling who?
Home for Tina means family, Pitcairn Island and a job as an aircraft engineer. She’s not looking for love, so when pilot Blane Solis sweeps her off her feet, she is soon flying into the heady slipstream of romance…but, is he the one for her?
Tina’s childhood sweetheart, Connor Brown doesn't think so. What dark secret is Blane hiding, and why is he hell bent on ensuring Tina doesn't find out? Can Tina ever forgive Connor for what he did so many years ago?
One heart. Two men. A shattered past and an unsure future…with love on the line.

Nadine Christian lives on Pitcairn Island, a small isle in the middle of the South Pacific, with her five children, four goats, two cats and thirty chickens. With its rich maritime history, Pitcairn’s romantic past comes alive in her novels, capturing the taste of life on an isolated tropical island, miles from the rush and bustle of normal city life.

~ Connect with Nadine Online ~

~Rose: Hi Nadine!!  Thanks so much for joining us today- I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned about you with my readers :)  Ok, lets start with your latest series.  How did you come up with the idea for The Bounty's Retreat series?

~Nadine: It came from a need really! LOL. Sounds strange, but it’s true. On Pitcairn we don’t have a hotel, or airport, and through a dream of one day at least a hotel being a possibility, I started writing. Kate and Jen – the sisters who come to Pitcairn to run this new facility were the stepping stones to building the story. Bryce – or my ‘Yeti-man’ is the man who’d sweep one of them off their feet.

~Rose: Oh wow, that's pretty neat.  In the first book of that series, Quintal's Return, the synopsis talks about revenge, as well as romance.  Would you say there is a a suspenseful theme to this book, or not so much?

~Nadine: Suspense yes. Lots of scheming to get revenge, oh hell yes.  Lots of loving? A big yes!  There is one woman who will have you feeling sorry for her one minute, wanting to scratch her eyes out the next, and then screaming with the indignity of it all the very next page.

~Rose: Oh gosh, that sounds intense!  The second book of the series, Home Again, Home Again has a bit of a love triangle sound to it.  Did you enjoy writing a love triangle, with more emotional suspense, or do you enjoy traditional romance better?

~Nadine: I loved writing this one. Blane is exciting – the bad boys always are, aren’t they?  I wanted to find out just how far I could push him before he snapped and Connor could step in to either get his woman, or at least save her as he fell as well. To see if he did either…well, buy the book! *grin*

~Rose:   What about your Remembering Love novel, what inspired that story?

~Nadine: This one was also fun to write. I’ve gotten great feedback from reviewers saying how they expected it to be fluffy-bunny and loved the fact that there was a dark element running through it. I tried to keep up the suspense, and you don’t actually really know - though you think you do - what’s going to happen till the very end!

~Rose: Oh, I love books like that!  That's awesome.  Remembering Love does seem to have a somewhat suspenseful or dark element to it.  You kind of answered this with the last question and reviewer's thoughts, but would you say it's a fluffy-bunny romance, or is it deeper and darker, in your opinion?

~Nadine: I think...it’s as deep and dark and twisty as I could make it without shirking on the hot romance.

~Rose: Ah, well we always love dark and twisty here!  Ok, so, why did you choose Romance as the genre to write in?

~Nadine: Truthfully? I read a lot of romance, and watched a lot of the genre in movies…and loved the butterflies of expectation watching a couple get together… I wanted to see if I could do that myself – give a reader that flutter.

~Rose: Oh yes, I totally know what you mean!  It certainly sounds like you're achieving that with your books! :)  Ok, I always love to ask this: are any of your characters based on yourself, or are they all fictional?

~Nadine: I’d love to say that they’re all based on me! A little piece of every character has a little part of me in there…so yeeeees? LOL You'd have to ask my ex which of the ones show the beotch side of me the best...LOL

~Rose: All three books are set on Pitcairn island.  Are these characters all connected somehow, or are they simply different people living in the same island?

~Nadine: The first – Remembering Love - is a stand alone.  Quintal’s Return and Home Again, Home Again are different characters, with reoccurring characters who pop in and out again… I loved the fact that both Kate, Jen and Bryce for example are key characters in Blane, Tina and Connor’s story.

~Rose: Ok, good to know!  Now, you live on Pitcairn island, so I have to ask: are any of these stories based on or do they include people in your life, or people you've heard of on the island?

~Nadine: Again, there is a taste of everyone I’ve ever met in there, but no one as well, if you know what I mean. I’ve used the island history and romantic clime to tell a more deeper tale though, so there are bits of real and tons of fake!

~Rose: Sure, sure - that makes sense :)  Well, Pitcairn island has a fantastic history to it.  I'm sure you tell it better than me, so would you care to share a little about the colorful legacy of your island?

~Nadine: Aha. Well, in 1789 a little ship called the HMAV Bounty left Tahiti, bound for the West Indies to deliver their cargo of breadfruit seedlings. The ship never made it to it’s port. Instead, Fletcher Christian overthrew the captain, William Bligh, and history was changed forever. Christian ended up running from the British navy, and re-discovered mis-charted Pitcairn Island. The Bounty was burnt and scuttled in Bounty Bay, and the descendants of Christian and his mutineer crew survive here on the island today! My children for example are 9th Generations from the famous Fletcher himself.

~Rose: Wow, that is such a cool heritage to have!  Quite a story you're able to tell :)  Ok, since I'm sure that peaked interest for our readers, lets get to know you a little more, if you don't mind :)  What inspired you to become a writer?

~Nadine: Other writers. Mainstream authors such as Stephen King and Nora Roberts. Indies such as Danielle Taylor, Tina Pollick etc.

~Rose: Ah, all very good authors - I really enjoy Nora Roberts as well.  Is writing a big hobby on your island, or have you found a bit of a niche in your community?

~Nadine: I’m the only romance novelist here! LOL… It’s a big niche to fill!  There are authors of cookbooks here, but I’m definitely the only fiction writer here.  It’s a part time job – in between kids, the house, garden and government work, but it’s also now a sanity part of my day. I have to delve into that secret little world I’m creating to share with others, just to keep my head straight! :)

~Rose: I can imagine! Do you like to read as well as write, or are you strictly a writing girl?

~Nadine: I think you have to read. You’ve got your head in the sand otherwise. Not only does it widen you horizons, but you get to see other’s writing styles, and delve into stories and tales you would never have thought of yourself.

~Rose: I agree! :)  Let's see...what makes your writing environment the most comfortable and productive?

~Nadine: Silence. LOL. A hard requirement to find in a household of six people. I usually write when the four big kids are in school and the little one is down for a nap. Now we're in school holidays I'm finding the word count slipping a little! 

~Rose: What does your family think of your writing, and of you being a writer?

~Nadine: They’re all proud of me. The island community as a whole has been very supportive. Didn’t quite understand why I was scrunched over my computer for hours at a time until that first book came out, but even the Mayor read my book!

~Rose: Wow, that's certainly not something everyone can say! I noticed on your Goodreads Author page, you have not only cats, but goats and chickens!  How do you find time to write (considering you put out three books last year!) and take care of all those animals, and five children?!

~Nadine: I don’t know. It’s been such a whirlwind of a year, that I really don’t know. Organization I suppose. That part of my personality was instilled very early in my baby-making years! After the second kid, you need to prioritize, so I suppose my writing addiction needed a place and I just rearranged things in between, feeding, gathering and tending!

~Rose:  I'm sure that's a challenge, but so awesome you're able to do it all!  What are some of your other hobbies, besides writing?

~Nadine: Talking. LOL. Reading – I try to read at least one or two books a fortnight… I sew quilts, knit.

~Rose: Oh, fun fun. :) What's your favorite past time?

~Nadine: Would you laugh if I said my favorite part of the day is bedtime? So pastime? Sleeping? LOL Just a warning: if I'm asleep, and you have to wake me? Poke me in the arm and run. Fast. I'm a growler! *grin*

~Rose: Oh my, good to know! haha  Ok, and just for fun, what's your favorite food and/or dessert?

~Nadine: Oh, you have NOT lived until you’ve tried breadfruit puffs. OMG they are to die for.  Dessert? Anything with ice cream, fudge topping and nuts.

~Rose: Anything else you'd like to share with us?

~Nadine: I have just finished edits on a YA called Discovering Daniel. It should be out in March this year…so excited to be able to share that!  Will keep you all updated.

Please do!  Thanks so much for stopping by Nadine! :)

Nadine has very generously agreed to provide eCopies of her books for you guys, with 4 winners!!

There will be one winner of each of Nadine's currently published books (listed above), and one winner will receive all 3 books!
Please enter the rafflecopter giveaway below, and thank you for supporting this unique author!

Good luck! :D


  1. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed talking to you Rose, and I'm looking forward to sharing my books with the winners!

    1. You're very welcome Nadine! I enjoyed talking to you as well, and I can't wait to see who wins! I hope they enjoy your books :)


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