Friday, May 2, 2014

"Pretties" by Scott Westerfeld!

Fun Friday Review!!

Pretties (Uglies, #2)

~PublishedNovember 1st, 2005

~Length370 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Romance

Gorgeous. Popular. Perfect. Perfectly wrong.

Tally has finally become pretty. Now her looks are beyond perfect, her clothes are awesome, her boyfriend is totally hot, and she's completely popular. It's everything she's ever wanted.

But beneath all the fun -- the nonstop parties, the high-tech luxury, the total freedom -- is a nagging sense that something's wrong. Something important. Then a message from Tally's ugly past arrives. Reading it, Tally remembers what's wrong with pretty life, and the fun stops cold.

Now she has to choose between fighting to forget what she knows and fighting for her life -- because the authorities don't intend to let anyone with this information survive.

~ 5/5 Roses ~

Picking up from the ending of the Uglies book, Pretties keeps following Tally after she returns to the city and turns "Pretty." I love the descriptions of the upgrades she gets, and seeing how the Pretties live. Superficial, bored, usually always drunk or hungover, they waste away, surrounded by technology and cosmetic upgrades to their unnatural bodies. 

Several new characters are introduced, or re-introduced, and keep the story moving. The love triangle between Tally, David and Zane is, like any triangle, frustrating, because both guys fit Tally in some way. Tally doesn't become completely bubbly though, and keeps her secret mission going. The risks they all take, and the mission they're all on, is incredibly exciting, and had my stomach in knots the whole time. The character growth, excitement and suspense are all awesome, and I can't wait to see what happens next. 

This is an awesome series, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys dystopian adventure, sci-fi romance, or fantasy. 

Have you read this series?  What did you think of this book?  If you haven't read it, do you want to?  Don't you just love the idea behind this story?  I know I do :)  Leave your thoughts in the comment box below!

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