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"Blood Roses" by Jason T. Graves!

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Hiya everyone, how are you all doing?  Hopefully great!

I've got a review for you guys today.  This book is all vampires, mystery, suspense, and awesomeness!  It's unique, smart, and a super interesting read.  Without further ado, here we go!

Blood Roses

(The Noctivagas Chronicle, #1)

~Published: November 24th, 2012

~Length: 324 Pages

~GenresYoung Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy

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Vampires aren’t real… right? If they were, Madeline and Marissa Owen would certainly be suspects: bone-white and night-loving—with a proclivity for super-rare steaks—the identical twins are poster-girls for the undead.

As if looking like teen-aged vampires didn’t cause enough drama, trouble erupts into their lives following a disastrous street fight and a brush with the law by Madeline's sister. The girls are forced to move from the diverse city of Austin, Texas to the quaint township of Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania—a move clearly designed to bore the aggressive, MMA-fighter Marissa into an early grave.

However, their new lives prove to be anything but boring, as a series of shocking upheavals, unearthed lies, and outright dangers keep them thinking... and running for their lives. Ancient books, coded manuscripts, and evil enemies emerge, challenging the unique skills and inner-strengths of the girls—but can even all of this chaos prepare them for the arrival of real vampires?

Facing threats from multiple quarters, the girls must rely on each other to keep ahead of the rising storm … or be swept away by it.

 About the Author

Jason T. Graves lives in North Carolina with his family and a menagerie of small, domestic animals. He takes his coffee black, and, when he is not conducting mysterious, mad-scientist experiments with his students, he writes mysterious and beautiful fiction.

 My Review

 5/5 Roses

"Blood Roses"...the title seems obvious enough, and with the brief description given, it's easy to assume "Ok, another vampire story, but with the twist of it being twin sisters.  Cool, sounds interesting."  The surprise?  That was the smallest twist in the book...

This book blew me away, in every way possible.  Between the fascinating writing style, the intriguing characters, and a plot/story I haven't come across yet, I was completely enthralled!  I started this book in the morning, and couldn't put it down until I'd finished the whole thing.

I was really drawn into all the characters, the challenges they faced, and the questions that were raised- it seemed like every time a question was answered, 4 more popped up, which kept it really interesting!  There isn't a strong romantic theme to this book, which is really refreshing- the characters, even being two twin teenage girls, dealt with more serious things, with life, and that's nice to find.

The thing that made this book so great for me, is the author writes in a way that assumes his readers aren't stupid- there are puzzles, and things to figure out with the characters, and it really pulls you into their struggle and life.  You're not being talked at, you're drawn in.

Overall, this book was a great read, and I can't wait for the sequel!  I would certainly recommend this book- it was deep, and interesting, and I'd be surprised if many people get to the ending feeling like they wasted their time.  I'll certainly be eagerly waiting for the sequel :)

*I was given an eCopy of Blood Roses, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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