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"How to be a Mermaid" by Erin Hayes!
*Blitz: Giveaway, Interview & Dream Cast*

 How to be a Mermaid Blitz!

 How to be a Mermaid

(Falling in Deep Collection, #10) 

~Released: July 7th 2015 

~Length: 153 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy 


All Tara ever wanted was to be a mermaid.

So she takes a year off between high school and college to don a fake tail and tour aquariums across the country in a professional mermaid troupe.

Everything’s great until she meets a gorgeous real-life merman named Finn. Suddenly, what she thought was a dream turns out to be a nightmare — she’s turning into a mermaid herself. For real.

Yet when she returns to the sea to seek out Finn and reverse her transformation, she finds herself in the middle of an impending war between the land and sea. Tara may have always wanted to be a mermaid, but now it’s sink or swim. In order to survive, she has to learn how to be one, too.

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 About the Author
 About the Author

Sci-fi junkie, video game nerd, and wannabe manga artist Erin Hayes writes a lot of things. Sometimes she writes books, like the fantasy mystery novel Death is but a Dream, the sci-fi middle grade book Jacob Smith is Incredibly Average, and the Her Wolf paranormal series.

She works as an advertising copywriter during the day, and she moonlights as an author. She has lived in New Zealand, Texas, and now in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, cat, and a growing collection of geek paraphernalia.

You can reach her at and she'll be happy to chat. Especially if you want to debate Star Wars.

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With Erin Hayes
(Provided by Xpresso Book Tours)

What is your favorite mermaid story or myth?
I’ve always loved Disney’s The Little Mermaid, but when I read the original Hans Christian Andersen tale, I fell in love with it. It’s a dark, sad tale that still gives me chills. If you haven’t read it, you should pick it up and read it! You’ll never watch the animated movie the same way ever again.

What was the inspiration for How to be a Mermaid?

I stumbled upon the Weeki Wachee mermaids, a professional mermaid troupe based out of Florida. I wondered what would happen if one of those mermaids ever met a real-life merman and the story flourished from there.

What was most challenging thing writing about mermaids?
The most challenging part, actually, was trying to get a behind-the-scenes perspective of professional mermaids. I went to the Georgia Aquarium to see the Weeki Wachee mermaids in action and did a backstage tour to see how the aquarium worked. After that, I was able to incorporate what I saw into the story.

Ursula or Ariel?
Ursula. Sea witches always have more fun.

What else should we know about How to be a Mermaid?
Pay attention to the character Jordyn – her character is getting her own story coming up!

Cast Your Characters

If How to be a Mermaid was made into a movie, who would play your main characters?
 Liam Hemsworth on IMDb


Imagine him with a mer tail and that’s him!
 Katie McGrath on IMDb

TaraKatie McGrath is a bit older than Tara in the book, but I think she’d be perfect. I’ve seen her in comedy and I’ve seen her act, and she looks the part too! She’s been in a few things, but I imagine we’re going to see a lot more of Katie McGrath in upcoming movies.

Blitz-Wide Giveaway

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I do love a good mermaid book!  This one sounds really good, and that giveaway prize looks amazing!  What do you guys think?  Let us know in the comments below!

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