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"Confessions of a Fat Girl" by Holly Dae!
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 Confessions of a Fat Girl
~Released: August 4th, 2015

~Length: 247 Pages

~Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Smart and ambitious Season Minett was homeschooled, got accepted into college at 16, graduated with a B.A. in English at 20, got a job at a prestigious magazine at 21, and isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. Twenty-two-year-old Season has it made and everyone knows it. Except Season herself.

People can gush over her all day long, but Season knows they’re just being nice. In reality, she’s accomplished nothing. She doesn’t work hard enough, can’t get her book published, and worst of all at 5’6, 180 pounds with a thirty-two inch waist, a forty-four inch hip, and arms too big for her body, she’s fat and ugly. She's such a disappointment that after her mother divorced Season's dad, she went to live with her new, younger boyfriend and left Season to mother the rest of her siblings. So Season is quite bewildered when the guy she sees every weekend at the bookstore shows serious interest in her. And she ends up liking him. A lot.

Season's not naive enough to think love will solve all her problems though. In fact, love seems to be making everything worse because her food obsession is growing more and more out of her control. But that's impossible. There's nothing wrong with counting calories and wanting to be thin. There's nothing wrong with trying to be as perfect as everyone thinks she is. A fat girl can't develop an eating disorder, let alone have one. Right?


 About the Author

Stuck in the transition between graduating from college and starting a life called NO JOB, Holly Dae spends most of her free time writing raw and edgy Young Adult and New Adult contemporary novels that deal with rape, drugs, sex, and general psychological ills. When she isn't doing that, she's writing fanfiction for fun and obsessively playing Mario Kart Eight and Pokemon Games.

 Author Interview
With Holly Dae

~Rose: This is such an interesting book - how did you come up with the idea?

~Holly: I came up with Season first. And I only knew two things about her: 1) She was bi-racial 2) She was a “fat girl” or at the very least, she wasn’t going to be the tall, slim, curves in all the right places heroine that’s common place in New Adult romances. After that, I debated on what to do with her. I knew I wanted to write a romance and Season would deal with her self-image, but I didn’t want it to be the typical fat girl has a guy fall in love with her and because of him she finds her worth story. I also didn’t want it to be just about the romance, even though that’s a big part of the story. I wanted to deal with some of her other relationships. And I didn’t want it to come across as humorous or trivial. Then, three or four months later (I worked on another project in the meantime) while trying to get my own food and image obsession under control, I decided that Season was also struggling with the beginnings of an adult onset eating disorder which brought in a whole bunch of other dynamics that gave the novel the complexity and edge I wanted to write with and about.

~Rose: Do you think anything like the situation in your book could happen in real life?

~Holly: Definitely. I’m pretty sure there’s a girl just like Season somewhere in the world. I’m also positive that there are people who go through different aspects of Season’s story whether continuously or at some point in their lives.  The eating disorders and the body image obsession thing is definitely a real life struggle that I think more people have than they realize. Constantly we’re being shown that we should conform to a certain standard of beauty and that if you’re overweight, you have to lose the weight because losing weight will make everything better and that’s just not true. I think we also have this idea that there’s a certain look to an eating disorder. We think the unnaturally skinny, skeletal girls and boys are the only ones that can have eating disorders when really by the time that symptom shows, that person has been suffering for a long time and it more than likely started back not just when they were at a healthy weight, but when they were overweight. So yes. This story, whether in its totality or aspects of it, could definitely happen in real life.

~Rose: How long did it take you to write this book?

~Holly: Five months, which is pretty slow for me. My previous two books I wrote in about a month and a half. But this one took longer mostly because there were times I had to stop writing for days, sometimes up to weeks at a time because something I wrote was too close to home. In fact, there was a few times I almost decided to stop writing this book totally because it really hurt to write it. But I plowed through it.

~Rose: Is there going to be a sequel, or is this a stand-alone story?

~Holly: This is a stand-alone novel. There are other books that happen within this universe, but they aren’t important to any of the events on Confessions of a Fat Girl.

~Rose: Are you planning on writing any other books?

~Holly: I have some ideas for more books, particularly a book about Season’s best friend, Hadiyya. I think she has a very interesting story to tell, but I haven’t had the motivation to write it yet. So I guess the answer to that question is that we’ll see.

~Rose:  What are your favorite types of books to read?

~Holly: I have a very strong affinity for science fiction and fantasy. Fantasy more so than science fiction. That includes all the genres that branch out from fantasy like paranormal, supernatural etc. As a child, I gobbled up fantasy books, especially after my mother introduced me to Harry Potter when I was ten in an effort to get me to read longer and more mature books. I also happen to like romance that makes me really root for the main lover interests to get together.

~Rose: What else do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

~Holly: I’ve played every generation of Pokémon games since 1999 and still do to this day. I also like to garden. And predictably I like to cook. I am at my happiest when I’m doing those things (besides reading, writing, or editing that is).

~Rose: Are you strictly a writer, or do you have a "day job" as well?

~Holly: I’m in the process of looking for a day job, preferably in some type of finance or accounting or even secretarial since I’ve been volunteering in that area since I was twelve, and it’s one of the other things I’m good at doing besides writing.

~Rose: Would you enjoy seeing your book made into a movie?

~Holly: Yes and no. Yes, because it seems like nowadays getting your book turned into a movie is the epitome of writing success. I would literally die a happy woman if that happened. No because while I think the plot could easily be adapted to film, the story would lose some of the introspection and feelings that Season goes through in regards to herself and the people in her life. I’m sure a lot of it might be able to transfer, but not all of it. I think it would just depend on who wanted to make it and the vision they have for it in the end.

~Rose: Just for fun: what/where is your favorite place in the world?

~Holly: This is a hard one. I like a lot of places. But if I had to pick one place, it would be Barnes and Noble, specifically the one that is literally about three miles away from where I live. It’s the only place that I can go and happily stay for hours and hours at a time with no complaints whether, I’m reading books, writing novels, editing, fooling around watching YouTube videos, or (when I was in school) doing homework.

Awesome!  Thanks so much for stopping by and talking with us, Holly!  It was great to get to know you a little better :)


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