Saturday, August 15, 2015

Write to Rescue Anthology!

Hey guys, Rose here.  Hope you're all having an awesome Summer, or whatever season it is where you're at ;)

So, I saw this event last week, and thought it sounded awesome!  I love animals, have a bunch of rescue babies, and just love rescue events.  This is an awesome event supporting rescue animals, put together by a bunch of authors who, needless to say, rock.  Please check it out, and if nothing else, please share this post so we can get some amazing animals some love, as well as some love for these authors :)

Write to Rescue Anthology!
*Materials & info provided by Girls Heart Books Tours.

 Write to Rescue Anthology
~Publisher: SideStreet Cookie Publishing 

~Released: November 1st, 2014 

Rescue animals need love too. That’s why these nine authors got together to write stories that will warm your heart and entertain. All proceeds will go to animal shelters to help take care of and save the lives of the animals that may become your next family member. There’s a little something for everyone.

Taisheena Rayne - Win, Place, or Show
Shauna Wilhelm - Fostering Hope
Allana Kephart and Melissa Simmons - The Disturbance
Karli Rush - Nine Lives
Carolyn Wolfe - Miracle Paws
Emily Walker - Cats
Miranda Stork and Trish Marie Dawson - A Tale of Two Kitties
Laura DeLuca - Nine Lives
Michael Williams - The Pride

Do you have any rescue pets?  Are you going to purchase this book?  Let us know in the comments below!

Please share this post, so some awesome animals can get more care.

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