Tuesday, August 30, 2016

*Tour & Giveaway*
"Red: An Untold Story" by Angela M. Hudson!

 Book Tour!

Hiya guys! Today DRR is sharing a Fairytale Retelling of Red Riding Hood. Those are always fun, aren't they? 

Check it out, and be sure to let us know what you think of this one!

 Red: The Untold Story
~Released: July 25th 2016

~Genres: Young Adult, Fairytale Retelling 

A powerful new YA novel by award-winning dark romance author AM Hudson. 

Do not go gentle into the wolf's asylum...

Once every twenty years, pack alpha Luther takes a new wife. On the day of Selection, Red is chosen. Just as her family always planned. Just as she always planned. Until she met Alex Plain.

Alex took Red to worlds she never imagined, where the ordinary is seen as magical, and the upright is abstract. With the help of this new friendship, Red begins to see a future for herself outside of the pack. But, unfortunately, Alex Plain came along too late.

Red is obligated to marry Luther now, and taken to live in the mysterious Ravenswood Mansion, where truth lies and the walls have eyes. What Red learns there about her alpha will ignite some burning questions—ones that, when answered, could undo the entire order of the pack: What happened to all the children born there? Why hasn’t this mansion left the seventeenth century? And where are all his previous wives?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

*Tour, Dream Cast & Giveaway*
"Static" by S.K. Anthony!

Hiya guys! How's your week going so far? Ready for the weekend?

DRR has an awesome series to share with you today, focusing on the second book - Static!

Check out the author's dream cast, and enter the giveaway for a chance to win a fantastic prize!

The Luminaries #2

~Released: September 20th 2015

~Length: 377 Pages

~Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy

Kevin Pierce is a teleporter, a ladies’ man, and a loyal friend. Or so he thought. 

As a genetically altered Luminary, he helps the government bring down some of the most dangerous criminals. Not very challenging if you have his special abilities. But when a group of rebel Luminaries attacks his Organization the fight for survival begins. 

One shattering event after another tests the depth of his relationships, his sanity, and his powers. Emotionally torn, Kevin must choose carefully where his loyalty lies. In the middle of all the unexpected chaos he gets the biggest shock of his life when he’s faced by a betrayal he never saw coming. Angry, injured, and ready to even the score, Kevin goes Static . . .

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

*Tour, Playlist & Giveaway*
"Intertwined" by Jenn Marie!

 Book Tour

Hiya guys! Hope you're having a wonderful week! We've had a rough couple weeks here, but we're glad to be back!

Today we are sharing a belated post for an awesome novel. We've featured this one on DRR before, but with this post, the author has shared her Playlist, as well as a new Giveaway!

Be sure to chekc them out, and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Intertwined: A NovelBook One

~Released: July 3rd 2016

~Length: 336 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Quiet seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Parker is looking forward to another mellow summer with her goofy relatives: sun tanning at the beach and staying out of trouble. Which is why the thought of her younger cousin participating in what is, clearly, a setup disguised as an initiation, worries her to the point of intervention. 

One that backfires ... big time ...

Mistaken for her cousin, Elizabeth finds herself transported to an abandoned plantation, a place deeply haunted with unresolved mystery and where horror reigns every summer between July 20 and August 13.

It is there, locked in the pitch dark, where she finds herself paired with the strange and mysterious Adam Hunt—an unexpected trespasser with his own agenda. Together, they find a list of instructions—follow the clues to various possessions in the house, store them in the backpack provided, and find the key that will grant escape.

Having snuck into document the haunting, Adam offers to help her find the key so long as she helps him record paranormal activity along the way. But as they make their way through the house, they soon discover unexplained anomalies ...

For the first time in the plantation's recorded history, the haunting deviates from its known cycle of events, thrusting Elizabeth and Adam in a series of perilous circumstances that ensue long after the night is over.

As the last day of the haunting draws nearer, and as forces beyond their control ignite their growing attraction, Elizabeth and Adam must work together to uncover the plantations mysterious past before its too late.

Or die trying.

Warning: Occasional coarse language. Intended for Mature Young Adult audience.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

*Blitz & Giveaway*
"Extracted" by Sherry D. Ficklin & Tyler Jolley!

 Book Blitz!

Hiya guys! Happy Tuesday! Any plans for this week?

Today, DRR is sharing an interesting Young Adult Steampunk novel, starting off an epic series. There are teasers and info to check out, and be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post before you go!

The Lost Imperials #1

~Published: September 8th, 2016

~Genres: Steampunk, Young Adult

Two opposing factions of time travelers vie for control of the future in this thrilling steampunk series opener dubbed “Interesting” and “Unexpected” by Kirkus Reviews.

Lex and Ember—two time travelers with no memories of their lives before being recruited into the time war—are torn between the factions. When Lex accepts a mission that lands him deep within the heart of the Telsa Institute, he meets Ember, and the past that was stolen from them comes flooding back. Now armed with the truth of who they were, Lex and Ember must work together to save the future before the battle for time destroys them once again.

Friday, August 12, 2016

*Blitz & Giveaway*
"Bound by Duty" by Stormy Smith!

 Book Blitz!

Hiya guys! TGIF! How was your week?

Today, DRR is sharing an awesome New Adult Fantasy, the first book in the series! Bound by Duty would be a great book to start on this weekend, and it's FREE on all eBook platforms! Be sure to check out the author's playlist, and enter the giveaway for a chance to win an awesome prize!

Bound #1

 Bound by Duty
~Published: July 24th 2014

~Genres: Fantasy, New Adult

Bound by Duty is FREE on all e-book platforms!

Amelia grew up in a world of half-truths. She knows she’s an Elder but has no idea what that means. Her father reminds her daily that she must maintain control but he refuses to explain why. Even worse, she’s betrothed to the prince of the Immortals and she doesn’t even know his name.

Finally breaking free to live a few normal years at a community college, the last thing Amelia expects is to find her best friend in a cheeky Southern girl and to fall for a self-assured human who sees her for who she is and not what she’ll be.

As she learns more about herself, Amelia realizes the line between love and duty is a thin one. As her power continues to increase exponentially and her questions are slowly answered, Amelia must make the ultimate choice. The question is, will her head or her heart win the battle?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

* Author Showcase & Giveaway!! *

Hiya guys, happy Wednesday!

Today, DRR is excited to participate in an author showcase! Basically, we are going to tease you with a ton of fantastic YA books, and at the end of the post, give you a chance to enter a giveaway! Whoot!

Check them out, and maybe find your next favorite read!



Walters can weave a story. Wow. The pages practically sizzled whenever Torin made an appearance... --Kristy Sartain- (Whispering Pretty Stories Reviews)

 Curse of the Sphinx

Curse of the Sphinx 

An addictive young-adult fantasy based in a realm of Greek mythology, sure to please fans of Percy Jackson and The Sweet Evil Trilogy.

In a modern world still ruled by the Greek gods, being a monster isn't just a curse. It's a death sentence.


Elementals – The Prophecy of Shadow

*USA TODAY called Elementals a "must read!"* 

Witches are real. They're descendants of the Greek gods.

 The Calling

The Calling

"White offers an agile, endearing fantasy that fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will adore. Her description of the call is perfectly realized: "an irresistible melodic pull, as though it was a choral magnet and she a metal filing." The narrative's strongest suit is its playfully steamy romance between destroyer and demon: "She held his wrists above his head...[and] nipped the tip of his nose with her teeth." A romping debut that's perfect for teenage fantasy fans." - Kirkus Reviews

 Fantasy of Frost

Fantasy of Frost

“Kelly St. Clare has quickly become one of my favorite authors and I am now a fan for life.” - AmiesBookReviews. 

"This story is wonderful for teenage girls, young women and the all around book lover." - GenuineJenn



Amazon best-selling series!

Be careful who you trust, for even the Devil was once an Angel.

Inception is the enthralling first installment in The Marked series. A YA paranormal romance full of atmosphere, supernatural adventure, and jaw-dropping twists that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

 Autumn in the City of Angels

Autumn in the City of Angels

2014 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist!

2014 Kindle Book Review Award Semi-Finalist!

What would you do if you lived through the apocalypse? The real fight to survive comes after everyone else is gone.

 The Awakening

The Awakening (Emerge #1)

by Melissa A. Craven

Fans of The Mortal Instruments will love Emerge: The Awakening, Book 1 of the Urban Fantasy, Emerge Series.

-- "An unhurried but engrossing start for a potentially riveting paranormal series." -Kirkus Reviews

 Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon is an exciting yet unnerving legend of evil witches, deadly demons, and werewolf protectors that will stimulate your senses and leave your heart racing. – Amazon Reviewer

 The Walker Saga - Bundle

Walker Saga Box Set

Follow Abigail and her friends as they journey through the First World star system. They have an important and dangerous mission: gather the seven half-Walker females. This group of loyal, crazy, determined girls are the only ones who can stop the Seventine before they destroy their worlds. 


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