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"Agoraphobic: Inside Out" by Sara Secora!

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Hiya guys! DRR has an interesting short story to share with you guys. This one will appeal to those of you who enjoy studying psychology, or learning about people in general. This story gives an in-depth look at the mind of a man who suffers from an interesting mental wall of fears.

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~Released: January 30th 2017

A short story - 11 pages

~Parent's Guide: PG-13

~Genres: Adult Fiction

28-year-old Kade hasn't been able to make it past his sidewalk in eight years. In this chilling short story, you will be given a glimpse into the inner workings of his mind as he goes through the process of trying to face his irrational, but very real fears.  Experience firsthand what goes on in an Agoraphobic's mind and begin to understand the silent disorder that millions of people across the world struggle with.

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 About the Author

 Sara Secora
Sara Secora has a passion for all things gamer and nerdy, as evidenced on her YouTube channel, Avi Gaming. She is also a well-branded voice over artist. Secora has always been in love with writing, and nearly a decade ago, she finally turned her talents to the arduous endeavor of authoring an exciting fantasy trilogy. Her whimsical stories are full of enchantment, mystique, and insight—destined to intrigue readers of any age. Secora lives in Detroit, Michigan, where she continues to explore old and new avenues for her talent and hard work.

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Agoraphobia: Fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness, or embarrassment. Chronic; can not be cured, but treatment may help.

That's a heck of a mental handicap for someone to live with. As a student of psychology with dreams of being able to help people with issues just like this one, I was quickly drawn to the synopsis of this short story. I've looked into this kind of paranoia and fear-based limitation, and it utterly fascinates me.

As a highly spiritual person, as well as someone who enjoys studying science and the mind, I was curious to see how this author approached the subject. I hadn't expected it to be as spot-on as it was. Not only did she show exactly what it is like inside the mind of someone struggling with this misunderstood issue, she added in the possibility that it is, for the tormented mind, almost a demonic parasite of anxiety. I've studied it with the same theory, and  have yet to see many other people explain it in that way. Because of the author's unconventional spin on a relatively unknown issue, I loved it right away.

There is far more depth to the short pages in this short story, and I am positive that I could find something new with each read. Not only does it give a glimpse into a mental issue still lacking proper care or examination, this quick story gives readers a taste of the author's talent.

I would definitely take a few minutes to read this story, whether the topic interests you, or you're curious about this author. I guarantee you will get more than you bargained for, and most likely, will have something to think about for a few days.

*I received a complimentary eCopy of this story, from the author via Young Adult Book Tours, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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