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Review for "The Bad Boy's Girl" by Blair Holden!

Hiya peeps! I've got a review to share today, for a book I agreed to read and review for a promotional tour early last month. I ended up not being able to give it a good rating, and swapped my review for promotional content instead, because the tour is meant to help the book, not harm it.

I don't intend to harm it here either, simply share my review now that it's been more than six weeks since the tour ended.

This is my "official & professional" PluggedIn review, sans spoilers. If you like spoilers and want more of a book discussion/book club setting review, I have one! This book definitely inspired some passionate feelings and opinions, and you can check those out here if you wish.

Without further ado, here we go.

The Bad Boy's Girl

 The Bad Boy's Girl
~Released: February 21st 2017

~Length: 395 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Romance

~Parent's Guide: PG-17

Tessa O’Connell is a girl as ordinary as they come-or so she thinks. Her aim for senior year is to keep her head down yet somehow manage to convince her childhood love Jay Stone to love her back. What she isn’t prepared for is for Jay’s brother, Cole to return to town and change the life she’s always been seemingly content to live. Tall, gorgeous as all hell and a bad boy with ocean blue eyes and the perfect edge of adorability, he was her greatest tormentor, her number one enemy.But the guy that’s come back is like no one Tessa’s ever come across. He challenges her, he tests her limits, he forces her to bring out the girl she’s long ago buried under a veil of mediocrity and most of all he compels her to consider that perhaps the boy that infuriates her to the point of no return might just her guardian angel. This new edition contains never before seen, exclusive content!

Blair Holden (@jessgirl93 on Wattpad) is a twenty-three-year-old college student by day and Wattpad author by night. Her hobbies include and are limited to obsessively scouring Goodreads and reading romance novels, with a preference for all things new adult. Her own work usually contains lots of romance, humor, angst, and brooding bad-boy heroes. Caffeine and late-night Gilmore Girls marathons help her find a balance between completing her degree and writing. She writes for herself and also to make readers swoon, laugh, and occasionally cry. Her book, The Bad Boy's Girl, has amassed over 170 million reads, which absolutely baffles her. Her dream is to see her readers holding a published copy of her books and remembering how far they’ve come together!


Great story, tanked by the last quarter of confused drama.

The first three quarters of this book were awesome - the first half was simply amazing. I fell in love with the characters, the story and the plot twists. Tessa was completely relatable, and I feel as though we all have a friend like her, if we aren't just like her ourselves. Her personality made sense, it all fit, and her character growth was fun to watch.

Cole was the kind of guy we love to hate, and hate to love, and in the end, somehow root for. He fit Tessa though, and made her better. His personalty had just enough rough edges to keep him sharp, but softened around the girl we all wanted to see happy and confident.

The story was well written overall, and while it definitely needs to be edited and formatted, I enjoyed the author's style. My main gripe, is with the end of the book. The last quarter of the story simply didn't fit the rest of the book, and for me, completely tanked the book overall. The plot twists felt cheap and desperate, in an attempt to either create a cliffhanger not previously planned on, or to avoid a cliche happy ending, in the most dramatic way possible. I won't give away spoilers, but the whole thing just seemed completely off.

The whole flow of the book up until that point was solid, and all the sudden, it shifted into an entirely different voice, style of writing, and basically seemed as if the characters themselves had changed. Had that been part of another story altogether, it would have been really good, and interesting on it's own. Mashed into the end of this story though, it just left me confused, and simply didn't make any sense. It felt cheap, and that's always a bummer way to end a book.

Personally I wouldn't recommend this book, and while I don't plan to read the rest of this series, I am curious of the author's other books, should I ever come across them.

*I received a complimentary eBook copy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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