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"Element Punk, Vol. 1" by Nicholas Murray!

Hiya peeps! I have a review to share today, although it's not one I'm too happy about sharing. But, I do post all my reviews here, good and bad, so share I shall.

The book submitted was one that sounded interesting, but simply wasn't finished, or ready for public consumption. As it is out in the public though, and a review was requested, I have that below. If you don't enjoy low-rating reviews, I'll have more reviews coming soon, for novels I enjoyed quite a bit more.

Element Punk, Vol. 1: 

Enter: Katashi Hiromasa

Element Punk, #1

 Element Punk, Vol 1
~Author: Nicholas Murray

~ReleasedSeptember 7th 2015

~Length: 164 Pages

~Genres: Adult Fiction

Katashi Hiromasa is a Mercenary, with elemental abilities (Not a rip-off). He hunts his bounties, dead or alive, to pay for his needs. But, when an enemy threatens his life.... It's Personal...

 About the Author

 Nicholas Murray

Nicholas Murray is an American author, born on September 26, 1997. He is the creator of Element Punk, and a rapper, under the name M. Supreme. He resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His hobbies include, writing, drawing, video games, and music.

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2 1/2 Roses


Confusing, but promising.

Katashi is a mercenary, and takes on a personal fight when his life is threatened. Simple enough plot, sounds like an entertaining way to spend a couple hours. You expect action, maybe some humor, and some splashes of drama. This book does have all that, to be sure.

What made this book confusing, for me, was mainly the layout/formatting, and writing style. It was set up very similar to a manga style book, without the graphics. The writing style seemed more fitting with the first draft of a screenplay. It didn't seem edited at all, and was definitely rough.

Unfortunately, this negatives for this book outweigh the positives for me. The book has tremendous promise to be entertaining, which is why I'm going with 2 & 1/2 roses, instead of the 2 it probably deserves. With either a couple more drafts to fill in blank spots and holes, or some graphics to make this a manga, I could see this being an entertaining novel. It at least needs some editing and formatting, if it's going to be left as it is now.

As it stands at the moment, I can not recommend this book to others, but I do hope the author keeps working with it, because it could be quite good.

*I was given a complimentary eCopy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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