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"Of Flesh and Fire" by Tuesday Cross!

Hiya peeps! I've got a brand new review for you guys today! Filled with magic, vampires, werewolves, and dragons, this book took me on a fantastic adventure.

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Of Flesh and Fire

Everything Will Burn #1

 Of Flesh and Fire
~Author: Tuesday Cross

~Released: October 10th 2017

~Publisher: Dracendium Publishing

~Length: 329 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Vampires, werewolves, and dragons... oh my!

Looking for an action packed new twist on paranormal romance?

'Of Flesh and Fire – Book I' by Tuesday Cross delivers this fast paced fantasy adventure. 
Perfect for young adults and adults of all ages. If you enjoy vampires, werewolves, and DRAGONS... you'll love this story.

Nyminia awakes from the ashes of a deadly fire to find herself not only cursed with fearsome power, but with heavy purpose. Her life is the silver thread which keeps the world together, her death– the cord that could unravel everything. 

Join Nyminia on a modern day adventure as she navigates love, friendship, family, and the mystery surrounding her past as she strives to save the magical world.

 About the Author

 Tuesday Cross
Who is Tuesday Cross?

She’s a shape-shifting time traveler on the run from the law for a crime she didn’t commit.

As Tuesday dashes across time and space in an effort to clear her name, she spends her free hours writing stories for the supernatural community.

While people tend to focus on the paranormal aspects of Tuesday’s life, she is much more than your typical magical adventurer.

Tuesday is a wife, daughter, sister, reader, author, and graphic designer.

Her passion lies in her drive to highlight the everyday magic in our not-so-normal world.

She hopes that by creating fantastical stories for you to lose yourself in, you might just find yourself instead.

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 My Review

 5 Roses


It's said that everyone in the world believes, to some degree, that they are special. Wouldn't it be ironic then, that the one person who doesn't think she's special, turns out to be the single most important person in the world? For Nyminia, that's what she's just learned - she's the thread, holding everything together. A key. Special.

Going from being an unwanted weirdo orphan, to someone with a huge responsibility and formerly unrealized power, her reality shifted overnight. Surviving a fire that should have left even her bones unrecognizable, she's hurled into a new life, and a new home. She makes new friends, is introduced to love, and fights a battle like no other.

I loved her personality, and the growth she went through during her adventure. With a massively overwhelming new life to take on, she handled it all with strength and grace I know I wouldn't have, in her shoes. As if that wasn't enough, the ending gave a rather intense glimpse into her upcoming challenges, and they make everything she goes through in this book, look dim. While it was predictable, it is exciting, and would have any reader hooked to continue following Nyminia through her adventure.

Well written and put together nicely, I enjoyed this author's work. She is talented, spun a fantastic adventure with originality I hadn't expected. I would definitely recommend this book to other readers, and am grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this story.

*I was given a complimentary eCopy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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