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"A Day in the Life" by Theodore Ficklestein!

Hiya peeps! I've got a review of a new release, full of humor - both attempted, and accomplished. Check it out, and be sure to leave a comment down below before you go!

A Day in the Life

 A Day in the Life
~Author: Theodore Ficklestein

~Released: September 22nd 2017

~Publisher: GenZ

~Length: 136 Pages

~Genres: Fiction

A Day In The Life is Theodore Ficklestein’s debut novel about Nickolas Cripp, a college student finding his way in the world. Although Nick won’t admit it, he is the main focus to a young adult book that follows him from his home to college to the city, where he wants to attend an open mic.

Along his path, he encounters a teacher who asks about the apocalypse, a drunk on the train and two friends who feel writing isn’t Nick’s strong point, among others. Nick soon finds out that the funniest things in life aren’t that funny at all, and the greatest comedians never go up on stage.
As he goes through his day, one oddball character at a time, Nick starts to question if the comedy club he dreams of being in, is really for him. Should he be who he wants to be? Or who the world thinks he should be? Neither of which, he is entirely sure about.

A personal journey of self-discovery through the eyes of a youth yearning for meaning in a meaningless world; Nick learns that in life, the joke is on you.

 About the Author

Theodore Ficklestein is an author, blogger and poet. His books include This Book Needs A Title Volumes 1 and 2 and I Killed the Man Who Wrote This Book. His first novel Day In The Life will be published by Gen Z Publishing in 2017. His multiple blogs include This Blog Needs Sports, This Blog Needs Poetry and This Blog Needs Movies. 

Reminiscent of Stranger than Fiction

Nick, is lost. He's not living his dream, but still dreaming, while finding his way in life. He aspires to be a comedian, but as he even says, doesn't really strike people as funny. At least, I wouldn't think so - I didn't find him funny, as he ambled along his days. What was most entertaining, was watching him encounter people, and figure out things in his life, even when they went a little darker.

In a lot of ways, this reminded me quite a bit of Stranger than Fiction film, with the same type of humor, flow, and overall idea. While it wasn't a knock-off, it was close enough to that, and several others of the plot genre, to leave me somewhat disappointed. That was my only reason for removing a rose.

Overall, it was entertaining. I didn't like Nick's personality, but the story wasn't bad at all, and the ending wrapped it up fairly well. For a debut novel, it is creative, and shows promise for other novels to come. I would recommend it to others, if it sounds interesting to you.

*I was given a complimentary eCopy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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