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HappiMe Book & Apps Review!

Hiya peeps! I'm super excited today, because the content I have to share with you is awesome! Not only is this a children's book with a message and project I fully support, it has apps for kids, teens, and adults that are stunning.

Check it all out, and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!


~Released: August 15th 2017

~Length: 32 Pages

~Genres: Childrens, Inspirational, Picture Book

Oscar is a bit of a worrier. In fact, Oscar like many children, worries about lots of things he doesn’t really need to worry about; including worrying about school, doing something new or not being very good at a new activity. Join him on his exciting journey as he meets his Worry Chimp and learns how to stop worrying once and for all! 

The HappiMe books are designed for 6-10-year-olds and are engaging, informative and interactive. The books teach children about the way our brain works and how our negative, worrying thoughts are just that – thoughts. What gives a thought power is the emotion we attach to it and how much we focus on it -and they are not necessarily true! 

Using CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), positive psychology and mindfulness techniques this book teaches children how to recognize these thoughts and how to choose a more helpful way of thinking. The HappiMe books complement the HappiMe app, a free, innovative app aimed at improving self-esteem and self-confidence in children, young people and adults. We are on a mission to rid the world of anxiety, worry and negative, self-sabotaging beliefs! 

100% of our parent readers said they would recommend this book to another parent! All profits from our books are reinvested to help keep the HappiMe apps free for children and young people. 


The adult version has a price ($3.99/£2.99) in order to keep the kids/teens apps free permanently!

Android ~ Apple
Android ~ Apple

 About the Author

Jo Richings - ​CEO, Genius in Charge and Chief Pot and Bottle Washer

 Jo Richings
​Bristol based Social Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Coach Extraordinaire, Jo Richings is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential.

Jo’s unique; “say it as it” style of Positive Psychology coaching inspires her clients not only to want to be the best they can be, but more importantly she gives them the tools, action plan and accountability needed to actually “be” the best they can be. Jo loves putting fun and happiness back into a client’s life. Jo trained as a coach with ActionCoach, the largest Business & Executive coaching franchise in the world. She held her licence as an ActionCoach for 8 years, until May 2016, when she decided to exit the franchise so she could follow her passion - helping children, young people and adults overcome self-limiting beliefs and be the best, and happiest, they can be.

​She is a EFT practitioner and holds Diplomas in CBT, NLP, Mindfulness, Life Coaching. Jo has spent over 27 years studying personal development.

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I wish I had been able to use this when I was a kid!

Helping the development of children mentally and emotionally is majorly important, and these days, anything that helps that is awesome. This book and it's accompanying apps are a terrific and modern resource any parent can utilize, and seems as though it would be helpful for any child. Easy to understand, use, and have around, I would be surprised if anyone wasn't able to have positive results.

First off, the children's picture book. It's quick, simple, and has an incredible message every child needs to learn early on. Not only does it show the fact we can feel anxious and worry, it shows a tangible way for a child to master that anxiety, in a healthy and positive way. By creating the characters in their imaginative learning process, a child would be able to grasp the lesson shown with ease, and be a better human for it. Even as an adult, the concept presented was astounding to me, and I wish I'd had this example when I was a child! I've found myself using the concept to help through my own anxiety issues, and I'm positive anyone could gain something from it as well.

Now, the apps. Wow, did these blow my expectations away! I'm not sure what I had been thinking they would be before I used them, but they were definitely impressive. With an easy menu, tons of options, and features all set up to make your days more positive, these little apps are awesome. The child's version is simple, and I'm sure any youngster familiar with using apps would be able to figure it out. The adult version is the same way, and with each app featuring things like playlists of positivity, games that help you recognize and correct negative and unhelpful thoughts, and other features geared toward a positive mindset, it has quickly become a tool I use to help pick myself out of a dark mood. No matter where you're at, or what is bringing you down, these apps are built to help lift you back up, and personally, I've found them quite helpful.

I'm extremely grateful to have been introduced to the HappiMe resources, and would highly recommend them. I've only reviewed two of the products here, and would recommend them, as well as the many other options available on their website, to anyone who wants to form positive mindsets for themselves, their children, or their loved ones. Many thanks to Jo, for the opportunity to share these wonderful products.

*I was given complimentary eCopies and apps, from the author/creator, to read and use in exchange for an honest review.

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