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"Deadly Sweet" Blog Tour with Giveaway!

 Deadly Sweet

Hiya guys and dolls! I'm participating in a book tour today, for Deadly Sweet by Lola Dodge! With plenty of magic, mystery, and sugar, it's sure to be a hit! Check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below! =D

Deadly Sweet 

Spellwork Syndicate #1

 Deadly Sweet
~Author: Lola Dodge 

~Publisher: Ink Monster LLC

~Published: January 16th 2018

~Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult

For fans of Hex Hall,The Magicians, Practical Magic, and Food Wars!

Anise Wise loves three things: baking, potion making, and reading her spell books in blissful silence. She might not be the most powerful witch in the suburbs, but enchantment is a rare skill, and her ability to bake with magic is even rarer. Unfortunately, witches have a bad rep, and Anise’s dream of attending pastry school crumbles with each rejection letter.

Then her great aunt Agatha pops out of the woodwork with a sweet offer. If she signs on as Agatha’s apprentice, Anise can have all the training and ingredients she’s ever imagined, and she’ll inherit the family bakery.

The catch? Studying with Agatha means moving to Sedona—a dangerous otherworldly power center where her aunt is a key player in the magical community’s shady dealings. And the last apprentice? Assassinated.

Now Anise is next on the hit list. If she can’t find and stop whoever wants her dead, she’ll be more toasted than a crème brulee.

Who knew baking cakes could be so life or death? 

 About the Author

 Lola Dodge
Lola Dodge is a compulsive traveler, baker, and procrastinator. She earned her BA in English from Stonehill College and MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University–and hasn’t stopped moving since. When she’s not on the road, Lola spends her time indoors where the sunlight can’t melt her, writing or bingeing on anime and cherry soda. She can be summoned in a ritual involving curry, Hello Kitty idols, and a solid chocolate pentagram.

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Magic and mystery - what could be better?

Anise loves to bake, and wants to attend pastry school. With a rejection from every single school she applied to, you'd think she'd give up. Especially since they rejected her because she cooks using spells and enchantments, and magic gets a bad rap. What's a young witch to do?

Luckily for her, she has an aunt who just happens to be looking for a new apprentice, and the gig comes with the family bakery passing down to her. The only downfall is the last apprentice was assassinated, and by taking the position, she's put a bulls-eye on her back. Can she figure out who wants her dead, before they get her?

Mystery and suspense are mixed into this sweet, modern novel, and even through traveling to magical Sedona, the story doesn't lose it's tangible feel. Anise seems like a real person, perhaps someone you knew in school, but can't quite remember. She is a fun character to follow, with quirks and a lack of grace that makes her endearing. I laughed out loud several times, which was a nice balance to the suspense and mystery of who was lurking in the shadows.

While it is set up to be the first book in the series, it ended well, lacking a dramatic cliffhanger. It could be read as a standalone, and be satisfying enough to read even if the second book isn't available yet. I would recommend this to others, especially paranormal and magic fans, and thank the author for the opportunity to read and review.

*I was given a complimentary eCopy, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

P.S. Isn't that cover gorgeous!? Definitely eye catching. ;)


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