Wednesday, March 7, 2018

F*ck Amazon!!

I am so far past livid. Amazon deleted ALL my reviews. Every single one is just gone, and I'm banned from reviewing anything else.

I know I'm not the first reviewer to have gone through this, but I'd avoided it up til now. Fuck Amazon!! Why are we still using them!? FFS!

Barnes & Noble doesn't have this shit! Smashwords lets you download in ANY format once you purchase a book, usually for cheaper than Amazon! Why the F are we still using Amazon, and acting like they are all that matters!?!

Maybe they hold all the cards because we give them all the cards? What if we all switched platforms?

I know it'll never happen, but gosh darnit, this is ridiculous. 5+ years of work, gone. If it wasn't for Goodreads, which Amazon now owns (and will probably start censoring reviews for soon as well, if rumors prove true) all my reviews would be completely gone outside my blog. 


If anyone needs me, I'll be punching the shit out of some pillows, wishing I had my punching bag set up already.

Note to any fellow reviewers - don't rely on Amazon to save your reviews. Back them up!! They are on a rampage, and if you do enough reviews, eventually, you will get deleted and banned. It sucks. Back them up  somewhere else.