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First Movie Review!
"Stick It"

Hiya peeps! I'm super excited today, because it's my first movie review on DRR! I have previously shared this review on my UnPlugged blog, and since it's in my top 3 favorite films of all time, I thought it only fitting to cross-post it here, to kick off the movie reviews on this blog.

So, without further adieu, here we go!

Stick It

 Stick It (IMDb)

~ReleasedApril 28th, 2006

~Written & Directed byJessica Bendinger

~GenresComedy, Drama, Sport

~Plot (from IMDb):

After a run-in with the law, Haley Graham (Missy Peregrym) is forced to return to the world from which she fled some years ago. Enrolled in an elite gymnastics program run by the legendary Burt Vickerman (Jeff Bridges), Haley's rebellious attitude gives way to something that just might be called team spirit.

Stick It is definitely one of my favorite films of all time. While I didn't find out about it until several years after its release, it has stuck with me for years, and resonates with me in a way few other films ever have. Any time I feel in a rut, need inspiration, or simply have free time, I put it on, and soak up all its magic.

The story follows a jaded young woman, Haley (Peregrym), who finds herself in legal trouble after committing property damage. Given an opportunity by a wise judge and a loving father to face the past that haunts her, she is thrown into a world she tried desperately to escape - competitive gymnastics.

As the plot progresses, we learn what caused her to run, the challenges she's faced as an individual, and the challenges that real-life gymnasts deal with, when preparing for the competitions leading up to the Olympics. Complete with bmx stunts, snarky humor, laugh-out-loud humor, and Jeff Bridges on a trampoline, this film will not only entertain you, but is sure to teach you a few things along the way.

The characters, each unique and dynamic, pull you in with personalities as addictive as the competitions they love. The cast was perfect, in my opinion, led by a fiercely strong, and relatable lead (Peregrym), paired with the always-talented Jeff Bridges. The supporting cast of characters are all ones most of us would adore having as friends, and bring life and humor to the otherwise dramatic plot, keeping the story balanced and flowing wonderfully.

The ending is one that always brings me to tears, and I am not one prone to tears. It is a chill-educing, butterfly releasing, perfectly beautiful ending, and while I'm always a little disappointed there isn't a sequel, the way the story closed was exactly the way it needed to be.

I would highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys sports adventures, inspirational stories, or simply good films. There isn't much romance in it at all, as it's far more focused on the aspect of facing past issues and growing up, but it doesn't seem as though it's missing anything, and isn't a noticeable missing aspect. I enjoyed this film quite a bit, and hope to meet other fans of it as well.

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