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"The Coyote: A Motivational Novel" by Steven Georgiou!

Hiya peeps! Today I'm sharing a children's novel - full novel, yes - with you. It's a wonderful motivational story. Check it out, and be sure to leave a comment below!

The Coyote: A Motivational Novel

The Coyote
~Author: Steven Georgiou

~ReleasedNovember 5th 2017

~Length: 219 Pages

~Genres: Children's, Inspirational, Fantasy

Many years ago, a young coyote named Raki was a confident fearless animal, who lived in a mysterious desert. But as he grew up due to his father’s strict ways and conditioning, Raki changed into a cowardly miserable coyote!

Time passes, and now a shadow of his former courageous self, dangerous times have occurred as evil wolves take away Raki’s family!

So it is up to the now cowardly coyote along with his loyal lizard friend to venture across the treacherous desert, to save his kind, and discover his destiny along the way!

A motivational and heart-warming tale, portraying that who we really are deep down is incredibly powerful, and through great adversity you can accomplish almost anything!

“I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You”

Written by Steven Georgiou, a London born and raised entrepreneur of Greek Cypriot heritage. This is first novel.

 My Review

*4 1/2 Roses*
Rated G

A children's novel, truly.

When I think of children's books, they're usually short, illustrated, and colorful. I don't typically think of full length novels for kids, although I would have enjoyed it when I was a kid. Definitely written in a style fitting for an elementary-school child, the moral behind it would be a great one for young minds to absorb.

The writing was fluid and smooth, transitioning well throughout the different parts of the story. For any child who enjoys true reading challenges and longer books, I would definitely recommend it. I didn't notice anything that would be inappropriate or negative, as far as a parent's guide, and would feel comfortable recommending it for kids I know. I enjoyed the story, and thank the author for the chance to read and review.

*I was given a complimentary eCopy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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