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~~ For Authors/Publishers Requesting Reviews ~~

Thank you for your interest in requesting a review- we're honored! ☺

If you haven't already, we would appreciate it if you'd take a moment and read our review policy before you send a request. Thank you ☺

*~*For review requests: you can fill out this form on Google Docs, if you'd rather not email a request: Quick Review Request Form.

You can email us at: desertrosereviews (at) gmail (dot) com

~~~ Please include the following info in your email:

~ Please title the email with the book's title and "review request" so it isn't marked as spam.

~ Author(s).

~ Genre/sub-genre.

~ A specific date for review completion or publication/posting (if applicable)*.

~ Where all you'd like the review posted/published upon it's completion.

~ For editing: when you'd like your edits completed by (if applicable).

~ Any other info you deem important or note-worthy.

*For specific date of completion requests: We may not be able to accommodate depending on the volume of books we have to read at the time, but we'll do our best.  If we do not believe we'll have it reviewed by the date requested, we'll let you know.

~ Please be patient and wait for our email reply, stating whether we’re interested in writing a review or editing your book. We will reply within a couple of days with our answer one way or another- we won't leave you guessing.  If we're not interested in reviewing or editing your book, then we'll let you know, and we're sure there are lots of other lovely book blogs, reviewers and editors out there that you can choose from. ☺

~ All Other Contact Needs ~

You can contact us through our email (same as for authors), through any of the links below, or with our simple contact sheet.

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