Saturday, December 7, 2013

Our Fourth Liebster Award! :D

Wow!  So I was nominated for a fourth Liebster Award this week- awesome!  *does a happy dance*  I don't care so much about awards, but it's great to know people like my blog, and I love answering the questions!  Yes, I'm a nerd...*shrugs* :)

I was nominated by Tina Marie @ Tina Marie Says- thanks so much sweetie! :D

Ok, so this award post has some different rules (actually, just an added rule, but whatevs).  The rules for accepting this award are:

~Link back to the blog that nominated you.

~Answer the questions they set for the blogs they nominated.

~Nominate 10 blogs of your own & let them know with a link to your post.

~Ask 10 questions for the blogs you nominate to answer in their post.

~*New! Share a couple random facts about yourself.


~My Questions Set By Tina Marie:

1. Any new and exciting things happening in your life that you would like to share?

Actually, I do!  My blog has expanded recently, and become not only a blog for tour hosting, but it's own tour service!  What's cool though, is we tour not only books, but music and art as well.  We're getting off the ground at the moment, and are looking forward to our first book tour, which starts tomorrow!  Eeep! :D

2. Do you have children?

Nope!  Can't have them, and I'm good with that :)

3. Do you have any pets?

Many!  Dogs, cats, turtles, and some strays that stick around for some extra love ;)

4. Are you finished with your Christmas shopping, and did you purchase any books as Christmas gifts? 

Yep, finished with Christmas shopping.  I did get a few books as gifts!  They're the best thing to give as gifts, I think :)

5. Do you follow any long time holiday traditions?

Not really.  We do something different every year, depending on where we're living that year.

6. Do you like the winter season?

I LOVE the winter season!  I love being cold, and snuggling up with a book, hot chocolate, and one of my furry critters :)  Plus the snow, and the clouds, just everything is so much prettier during the winter.

7. Are you an avid reader?

Oh yeah...have been since I was 2 :)

8. What kind of books do you like to read?

Anything really, as long as it's not erotic.  I don't mind tasteful romance, but I don't like reading scenes that are meant to be behind closed doors.  Most anything else though, fiction or non, I'll read and enjoy.  I like YA Paranormal and Supernatural the most, I think. :)

9. Do you review books after you read them, and how long do you wait before you review them?

I always review after reading.  I have to write the review right after I finish reading, otherwise I can't move on.  I have a photographic memory, and getting my thoughts out in a review is the best way for me to put what I've read away, so I can move on to another book :)

10. Name one of the books you have read this year that has stayed with you, that you still think about.

Wow, that's a really hard question!  I've read so many great books this year- I think any of the books I've rated 4 or 5 roses (stars) have stuck with me.  All of them have though, really.  Books never really leave me, they just become a part of me :)


~A Few Fun Random Facts About Me:

~I have violet eyes

~I generally wear about 14 rings, and have 7 ear-piercings (soon to be 8, maybe 10).  I don't wear them in a gaudy way- I just adore jewelry, and they're all completely special and sentimental to me :)

~I'm completely eccentric and bohemian- you know Pheobe from Friends?  Think her, brunette and least, that's what people tell me :)

~I've moved more times than the number of years I've been alive.

~I'm married to my best friend, and he's my prince :)


~Blogs I Nominate:

1.  Emma Taylor @ Confessions Of A Book-worm

2.  Katie @ An Amateur's Library

3.  Michelle Michelle Congdon

4. Ashley @ Memories in a Box

 6.  Jannat @ Living An Eternal Fairytale

7.  Emilyann @ Anything Imagined

8.  Ashley @ Ashley's Book Corner

9.  Alex @ Fastidious Reader

10.  Amie @ Magic of Words


~10 Questions for My Nominees:

1.  What's your blog about?
2.  What do you do for fun?
3.  What's your fav kind of music/band/song?
4.  What's your fav book (or top 5, if you can't pick just one ;)?
5.  Are you doing anything special for Christmas?
6.  Do you enjoy the winter season?
7.  Best memory from this year?
8.  Any New Years resolutions?
9.  Anything exciting happening in your life at the moment?
10.  Book you're looking forward to reading next year?


Congrats guys- hope you accept your award, and have fun!! :D

Thanks again Tina Marie- this was fun! :D


  1. I am like you just excited someone loves my blog!! I'll work on my questions from you and work on my nominations.

    Thank you again.

    1. No problem Ashley! :) Hope you have fun with it :)

  2. Aw, you have so many pets. Even turtles? That's so fun. I have a little kitty named Benny. He's pretty funny and wonderful. And I just finished my Christmas shopping too! It's like a weight lifted off my shoulders to get it all done. I fear last minute crowds, lol. Thank you again for the nomination. I'm honored =)

    1. Oh yes, we love pets! Esp our turtle- he likes to sleep in my hoodie pocket :) Awe, I love kitties! Benny is a cute name :)

      I know what you mean about shopping crowds- not fun! They can be intimidating.

      You're welcome for the nomination! I hope you have fun with it :)


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