Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Immurement" by Norma Hinkens!
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Hiya guys! We've got a new book for you today, a Young Adult Dystopian adventure! Check it out, enter the giveaway, and be sure to let us know what you think of this one! =D

The Undergrounders, #1

~Released: December 9th, 2015 

~Publisher: Dunecadia Publishing

~Length: 247 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Dystopian, Sci-fi 

The Sweepers are coming. They hunt the young. The only place left to hide is underground. 

When the earth’s core overheats and the sovereign leader vanishes, a young girl becomes the survivors’ only hope.

What little land is habitable is patrolled by cutthroat gangs of escaped subversives, but that’s not the greatest threat facing sixteen-year-old Derry Connelly, her brother Owen, and a ragged band of Preppers holed up in a bunker in the Sawtooth Mountains. Mysterious hoverships operated by clones are targeting adolescents for extraction.

Owen, is one of the first to disappear. To save him, Derry must strike a deal with the murderous subversives, and risk a daring raid to infiltrate the heart of the extraction operation.

But will the rookie leader falter when forced to choose between her brother and a clone who ignites something inside her she didn’t know was possible? 

Friday, March 25, 2016

"Maneater" by Cambria Hebert!
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 Book Blitz!

TGIF! This weekend, flashback to the 80s, with this awesome novella! I've probably featured just about every book written by Cambria Hebert in the last two years, and this one looks just as good as the rest!

This is a standalone story, part of the Love in the 80's novella series mashup! Every month this year, a different author will be releasing an 80's inspired novella to add to the collection - how neat is that? ;)

Check out the excerpt below, and be sure to enter the giveaway at the very bottom! If you enjoy this post, please share it with your friends. Thanks for visiting! =D

A Love in the 80's Novella

 Maneater Novella
~Released: March 25th, 2016

~Length: Novella

~Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary

Price will raise to $2.99 after one week.

Watch out, girls. Here she comes.

There’s always that girl. She’s popular, beautiful, and has everything together. The one with the perfectly teased hair, arms full of colorful (but coordinated) bangles, and expertly painted bright-pink lips.

A teacher’s pet. Daddy’s girl.

Everyone loves her.

Because everyone is afraid to challenge her.

Kelly Ross is that girl. She uses her powers of popularity for good… her own good. She doesn’t care who she hurts.

She always gets what she wants.

Including your man.

When she walks down the hallway in her hot-pink heels and ruffled denim miniskirt, all the boys’ heads turn. And all the girls start whispering.


There hasn’t been a single guy Kelly hasn’t been able to chew up and spit out.

Until now.

Kelly has finally met her match. He’s been there all along, and he’s the exact opposite of everything you’d expect.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Syncing Forward" by W. Lawrence!
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Hiya guys! Happy Wednesday =)

Today, we've got an awesome speculative sci-fi adventure, full of time traveling drama and a frighteningly imaginable dystopian future.

We've read this one, and have our review below, as well as an awesome author interview, and giveaway for a $100 Amazon gift card! Check all this out below, and be sure to share this post with your friends.

Thanks for visiting!

 Syncing Forward
~Released: June 15th, 2014

~Length: 488 Pages

~Genres: Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Time Travel, Speculative Fiction

Travel to the future - it will only cost you everyone you love.

Attacked and injected with a drug which slows his metabolism to a fraction of normal, Martin James becomes an unwilling time traveler who hurtles through the years. His children grow up, his wife grows older, and his only hope is finding the people who injected him in the first place- not an easy task when one day for Martin lasts four years. And while Martin James strives to find a cure before everyone he loves is gone, others are uncertain if his journey can be stopped at all.

W. Lawrence weaves a future history filled with the best and worst of humanity, highlights the blessings and curses of technology, and pushes the limits of faith and hopelessness. Above all, Syncing Forward is a tale of one man's love for his family, and their devotion to saving him from being lost forever.

1st Place for 2015 Feathered Quill Award, Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Finalist in the 2014 Book Pipeline Contest.

Monday, March 21, 2016

"Enaya: Solace of Time" by Justin C. Trout!
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Hiya! Happy Monday!

I've got an awesome adventure novel for you today! Check out an excerpt, and be sure to enter the #giveaway at the end of the post!

Thanks for visiting!

~Released: December 14th, 2015

~Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult

Nile Whitman thought he had withstood the test of Time, but when he discovers an ancient artifact known as Enaya, his life will change forever.

Enaya, a powerful and magical stone, alters time by bringing a futuristic city into Nile’s time period. The leader of this city, Norcross Kenneth, falls in love with Nile’s world and the magic within it, and he will stop at nothing until both their worlds are united. After Nile’s kingdom is destroyed by this new unknown force, he sets out on an adventure to send the future back into their dimension.

It’s not just this new threat that opposes Nile; the Lucian Empire has risen, and the Snake Queen wants Nile all to herself. When Nile forms a resistance with an unlikely band of heroes, he is forced to come to terms with his past and with the decisions that will affect his future.

Nile will have to embrace who he is if he is going to protect the people he loves, and in doing so, he will have to depend on Enaya, the element of time.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

"Breaking the Story" by Ashley Farley!
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 Book Blitz!

Hiya guys! Happy Sunday!

I've got a new novel for you today, perfect for the political climate at the moment. 

 Breaking the Story!
~Released: March 17th, 2016

~Genres: Adult, Suspense

Passion, peril, and a scandal that will rock American politics.

Scottie Darden’s life is a disaster. Her marriage has become toxic, and her career as a photojournalist has stalled out. To attract the attention of the main players in the news industry, she needs a standout story with a unique perspective. What she finds is a scandal that could turn the 2016 presidential election upside down. But before she can release her damaging images to the media, Scottie must uncover the truth behind the photographs. She turns to handsome mystery man Guy Jordan for help. When they join the campaign trail in search of answers, their investigation quickly becomes deadly.

Hop on board for a wild ride of adventure where desire ignites, lives are threatened, and secrets are revealed.

Friday, March 11, 2016

"The Changelings" by Elle Casey!
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 Book Blitz!

TGIF! I'm ready for the weekend, how about you?

Do you need a new read this weekend? Check out this book, and see if it's one you'd enjoy! Be sure to let us know what you think before you leave! =D

War of the Fae #1

 The Changelings
~Released: February 5th, 2012

~Length: 336 Pages

~Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Grab your copy for FREE!

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Elle Casey, brings readers Book 1 in the YA Urban Fantasy War of the Fae Series.

Jayne Sparks, a potty-mouthed, rebellious seventeen-year-old and her best friend, shy and bookish Tony Green, have a pretty typical high school existence, until several seemingly unrelated incidents converge, causing a cascade of events that change their lives forever. Jayne and Tony, together with a group of runaway teens, are hijacked and sent into a forest, where nothing and no one are as they seem. Who will emerge triumphant? And what will they be when they do?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"Meritropolis" by Joel Ohman!
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Book Tour!

Hiya guys! Typical Tuesday here - how are you?

Well, I've got an awesome book to share with you all today. I love dystopian stories, as most of us do. Meritropolis is a new Maze Runner or Hunger Games, and maybe even better! Said to have a mix of The Village and Jack Reacher, this story is sure to entertain any reader. Check it out, and be sure to let us know what you think before you go!

Meritropolis, #1

~Released: September 8th 2014

~Genres: Dystopia, Young Adult

In Meritropolis everyone is assigned a numerical Score that decides their worth to society and whether they live or die. After a young boy is killed because of a low Score, his brother plots to take down the System.
The year is AE3, 3 years after the Event. Within the walls of Meritropolis, 50,000 inhabitants live in fear, ruled by the brutal System that assigns each citizen a merit score that dictates whether they live or die. Those with the highest scores thrive, while those with the lowest are subject to the most unforgiving punishment–to be thrust outside the city gates, thrown to the terrifying hybrid creatures that exist beyond.

But for one High Score, conforming to the System just isn’t an option. Seventeen-year-old Charley has a brother to avenge. And nothing–not even a totalitarian military or dangerous science–is going to stop him.

Where humankind has pushed nature and morals to the extreme, Charley is amongst the chosen few tasked with exploring the boundaries, forcing him to look deep into his very being to discern right from wrong. But as he and his friends learn more about the frightening forces that threaten destruction both without and within the gates, Meritropolis reveals complexities they couldn’t possibly have bargained for…

Monday, March 7, 2016

Blackheath by Gabriella Lepore!
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Hiya everybody, happy Monday!! Or rather, let's-all-get-through-it-day, ;)

Fitting for the darkest day of the week, is a rather dark book! Filled with hexes, bad luck, and all sorts of Monday-ish fitting themes, this book may just be what you need. Check it out, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below! =D

~Released: December 21st 2015

~Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

Seventeen-year-old Maggie Ellmes is dogged by a case of chronic bad luck. She figures that’s just her lot in life—that is, until the psychic at Blackheath’s annual carnival reveals that Maggie’s problems are caused by more than just ordinary misfortune; she’s actually been cursed.

Desperate to shake the hex, Maggie has no choice but to seek out the help of Joel Tomlins, a rebellious classmate who’s descended from Blackheath’s most powerful line of witches. After breaking all of his coven’s conventions to help her, Joel discovers that the curse isn’t as bad as Maggie fears. In fact, it’s much, much worse.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

"The Trouble with Family" by Heather Hobbs!
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 Book Blitz!

Hiya guys! Guess what, it's Saturday! Whoot! Long week is oooover, finally. I don't know about you, but I've been sick in bed all week, and while I hope you haven't been sick recently, it seems like a bunch of people are down with the same thing I am. Bummer :/

One of the best things to do when you're sick, is read! This may be a fun book to add to your collection, especially if you're sick in bed with tons of time to read. Check it out, and be sure to let us know what you think of it before you leave! =D

Molly Anderson Series, Book 1

 The Trouble With Family
~Released: March 3rd, 2016

~Publisher: Loomis Park Press

~Length: 163 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Coming-of-Age

Molly Anderson just found out her dad is getting married to a woman she’s only met once.

Fourteen-year-old Molly had planned to spend the summer before high school reading books, eating junk food, and napping. Instead, she’s forced to spend her days juggling four new family members, a grumpy older brother, a crazy grandmother, and Max, the new boy next door. Having lost her mother in a car accident a year before, she’s not sure how many more changes she can take before she hits her breaking point.

Based on an award-winning short story, The Trouble with Family tells the tale of a girl trying to make the most of her summer, not just survive it.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Eerie" by C.M. McCoy!
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 Book Tour

Hiya peeps!! I'm so excited today, because I'm part of an epic book tour, for an awesome book! It's a little darker than the stuff we usually share on DRR, but it looks super interesting! I won't be surprised if we see it up for a movie-in-the-making slot soon.

Check it out, and be sure to let us know what you think of this book in the comments, & share the post before you leave. Thanks! =D

~Released: December 15th 2015

Omnific Publishing with distribution through Simon & Schuster

~Genres: Mature Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Being a ParaScience freshman is a nightmare come true 

Asher loved her and hated her, risked his life to protect her and planned to rip her apart.

The moment Hailey stumbled into Asher's world, he was corrupted by emotion.

And she had no idea the danger she aroused.


Hailey’s dreams have always been, well...vivid. As in monsters from her nightmares follow her into her waking life vivid. 

When her big sister goes missing, eighteen-year-old Hailey finds the only thing keeping her safe from a murderous 3,000-year old beast is an equally terrifying creature who’s fallen “madly” in love with her. Competing to win her affection, the Dream Creature, Asher, lures her to the one place that offers safety—a ParaScience university in Alaska he calls home. There, she must learn to live with a roommate from Hell, survive her ParaScience classes, and hope the only creature who can save her from an evil immortal doesn’t decide to kill her himself.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"Desire in Frost" by Alicia Rades!
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 Book Tour

Hiya book nerds! It's hump day again - getting through the week alright? This series may be the perfect pick-me-up for ya! Check it out, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below, and share before you go! Thanks =D

Crystal Frost #2

 Desire in Frost
~Released: January 25th 2016

~Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal

Crystal Frost just recently discovered she can see ghosts and predict the future, yet the mystery of Hope Ross's abduction still haunts her dreams. While traveling to Florida for Thanksgiving, Crystal's visions of Hope only grow stronger. She enlists the help of her soon-to-be step-cousin Robin, a decision that complicates the entire picture—and her feelings. Can she figure out what happened to Hope and learn why Robin is so guarded, or will her newfound abilities fail her?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"My Senior Year of Awesome" by Jennifer DiGiovanni!
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 book Blitz

Hey book nerds! Having a terrific Tuesday? Hopefully. If not, here's a sweet romance for you, fresh from Swoon Romance!

School Dayz Book 1

 My Senior Year of Awesome
~Publisher: Swoon Romance

~Released: March 1st 2016

~Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

A girl desperately tries to avoid the boy she was voted most likely to marry by her senior classmates. To prove senior superlative votes are meaningless, she and her best friend create their own list of awesome high school achievements to be completed by graduation.