Friday, May 30, 2014

"Rewrite Redemption" by J.H. Walker!

Rewrite Redemption

~ByJ.H. Walker

~Published: January 25th, 2013

~Length: 391 Pages

~Genres: YA, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance


She’s sixteen. He’s seventeen. They don’t know each other…at least not yet.

She has a secret and her whole life revolves around keeping it. Every few months and with little warning, she simply disappears, pulled into the past for hours or even days. She’s terrified it will happen in front of someone, changing her life forever. So far, the only witnesses have been her parents, and that didn’t end well. She has no control over it and no idea why it happens to her.

She wants answers.

He has answers—at least he understands what’s going on. He has a secret, too. He’s part of an organization that goes back in time to rewrite reality. But he also has a problem. He broke the organization’s number-one rule by altering his own timeline. As punishment, he’s been blocked from time travel, which is most unfortunate. Because the changes he made to his timeline, accidentally resulted in disaster for his family. A disaster he’s now prevented from repairing. No one can travel beneath the organization’s radar except a Shadow. But they’re rare, so rare he’s never even met one.

Then he moves to her town.

This is a YA romance with paranormal/sci-fi elements.

Friday, May 16, 2014

"Specials" by Scott Westerfeld!

In the past few weeks, I've posted reviews for both Uglies and Pretties by Scott Westerfeld.  Today, I'll review the final book in the trilogy: Specials!! :D

~Published: May 9th, 2006

~Publisher: Simon Pulse

~Length: 384 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Romance, Adventure, Action, Fantasy

"Special Circumstances": The words have sent chills down Tally's spine since her days as a repellent, rebellious ugly. Back then Specials were a sinister rumor -- frighteningly beautiful, dangerously strong, breathtakingly fast. Ordinary pretties might live their whole lives without meeting a Special. But Tally's never been ordinary.

And now she's been turned into one of them: a superamped fighting machine, engineered to keep the uglies down and the pretties stupid.

The strength, the speed, and the clarity and focus of her thinking feel better than anything Tally can remember. Most of the time. One tiny corner of her heart still remembers something more.

Still, it's easy to tune that out -- until Tally's offered a chance to stamp out the rebels of the New Smoke permanently. It all comes down to one last choice: listen to that tiny, faint heartbeat, or carry out the mission she's programmed to complete. Either way, Tally's world will never be the same.

Friday, May 2, 2014

"Pretties" by Scott Westerfeld!

Fun Friday Review!!

Pretties (Uglies, #2)

~PublishedNovember 1st, 2005

~Length370 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Romance

Gorgeous. Popular. Perfect. Perfectly wrong.

Tally has finally become pretty. Now her looks are beyond perfect, her clothes are awesome, her boyfriend is totally hot, and she's completely popular. It's everything she's ever wanted.

But beneath all the fun -- the nonstop parties, the high-tech luxury, the total freedom -- is a nagging sense that something's wrong. Something important. Then a message from Tally's ugly past arrives. Reading it, Tally remembers what's wrong with pretty life, and the fun stops cold.

Now she has to choose between fighting to forget what she knows and fighting for her life -- because the authorities don't intend to let anyone with this information survive.