Wednesday, January 24, 2018

"The Soul Weaver" Book Tour & Giveaway!

 Book Tour

Hiya guys and dolls! I'm participating in a blog tour today, for The Soul Weaver by Heidi Catherine! Check it out, and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!

Steampunk Zombie Western Adventure!
"Bodacious Creed"

Hiya guys and dolls! Check out this - wait for it - Zombie Western Steampunk Adventure. That's right. Zombies have come to the wild west, and it's entertaining as hell. Check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Bodacious Creed

 Bodacious Creed
~Author: Jonathan Fesmire

~Released: August 18th 2017

~Length: 370 Pages

~Genres: Steampunk, Fantasy, Western, Zombies

U.S. Marshal James Creed has known loss, starting from the untimely death of his wife and daughter in a sudden fire. His work, chasing down and arresting outlaws across the Wild West, is all he has left to live for. Then one day, in 1876, the infamous killer Corwin Blake catches Creed by surprise and guns him down.

Creed awakes after a mysterious young woman resurrects him in a basement laboratory beneath a brothel. Half alive, Creed feels torn between his need for justice and his desire to fall back into the peace of death. Creed's instincts drive him to protect the city of Santa Cruz, California, from the outlaws it harbors while searching for Blake.

He uncovers a secret criminal organization, likely protecting Blake, determined to use resurrection technology for its own ends. The former marshal, now faster, stronger, and a more deadly shot than ever before, must work with a brothel madam, a bounty hunter, and the remaining marshals to uncover the criminal syndicate before they can misuse the machines of rebirth and create more mindless zombies. Meanwhile, he must also stop Blake, before the outlaw kills the only people he cares about.

His own death can wait.

"The Brotherhood of the Black Flag"

Hiya guys and dolls! Check out this pirate adventure! =D

The Brotherhood of the Black Flag

 The Brotherhood of the Black Flag

~Released: September 19th 2017

~Length: 260 Pages

~Genres: New Adult, Historical Fiction

Michael McNamara, a former officer in the British Royal Navy, protected the realm from her many enemies. Now, after his unjust expulsion, he has no choice but to seek his fortune in Kingston, Jamaica. But these are pirate waters, and danger lurks around every corner. McNamara's expertise with a sword is put to the test the day he arrives, making him a local hero. His newfound fame earns him all manner of attention, including from the enchanting Dona Catalina and the infamous Captain Stephen Reynard, a former pirate turned pirate hunter. 

Eager for the adventure, McNamara enlists in Reynard's crew, joining his quest for redemption. His travels pit him against harsh seascapes, battle-hardened buccaneers, and a web of intrigue and deceit that will take all of his skill to survive. And he will be forced to choose between Catalina's life or the lives of countless thousands.

Friday, January 19, 2018

"Deadly Sweet" Blog Tour with Giveaway!

 Deadly Sweet

Hiya guys and dolls! I'm participating in a book tour today, for Deadly Sweet by Lola Dodge! With plenty of magic, mystery, and sugar, it's sure to be a hit! Check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below! =D

Thursday, January 11, 2018

*TBT Review*
"The Soul's Mark: FOUND" by Ashley Stoyanoff!

Hiya peeps! As if I'm not reviewing enough already, I'm going back to doing TBT Reviews! These posts are for books I've reviewed in years past, but want to re-visit, because you may like it!

Check out this book I originally reviewed/published on October 9th, 2013.

The Soul's Mark: Found

~Author: Ashley Stoyanoff

~ReleasedJuly 20, 2012

~Length274 Pages

~GenresYoung Adult, New Adult Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance

Anxious to leave her destructive past behind, Amelia Caldwell moves to Willowberg, excited for a fresh start. Once there, she discovers that her birthmark is more than it seems. She has been marked by a vampire's soul. Not only does she hold his soul, but Amelia is also his soulmate.

After almost a century of searching for his soulmate, Mitchell Lang fears the worst—he is going to lose Amelia to another man. His heart takes over, and his impulsive decision to take away her free will and to intensify their bond quickly turns her growing love into hate.

When they become trapped in the emotional rollercoaster of their souls' bond, open conflict erupts. Amelia has no intentions of belonging to anyone, not even her soulmate, and Mitchell refuses to let her go.

While she frantically searches for a way to escape his grasp, Amelia unlocks the painful memories of her past and uncovers a powerful secret. But before she has a chance to explore her newfound edge, she finds herself caught in the middle of a deadly game of revenge and is forced to realize that YOU CANNOT RUN FROM DESTINY.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

"State of Emergency" by Mary Hallberg!

Hiya guys and dolls! New review today, perfect for zombie and horror fans! It's a fairly new release, but seems to be a fan favorite already! Check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

State of Emergency

 State of Emergency
~Author: Mary Hallberg

~Released: September 26th 2017

~Length: 158 Pages

~Genres: Horror, Suspense, Young Adult

17-year-old Dallas Langdon is fighting off zombies with a pizza cutter.

Dallas has always loved zombie movies. But when she catches a real live (erm, dead) musician eating a man’s intestines backstage after the show, she knows her movies have become a reality. And what do characters in zombie movies do? Seek shelter. Fortunately, Dallas's eccentric uncle owns a farmhouse in Chattanooga, an eight hour drive from New Orleans. It’s on top of a steep mountain, surrounded by electric fences, and cut off from the worlds of the living and the dead.

Dallas’s parents, still safe at home, laugh at her idea over the phone. Her friends only agree to join her because it’s fall break and they could use a mini vacation anyway.

But then Dallas’s best friend is killed by a zombie horde when they’re attracted to her ringing cell phone. Civilians think their reanimated loved ones simply have the flu, leaving them alive (well, undead) and rapidly increasing the zombies ranks. And since minors can’t buy guns, Dallas’s only weapon is a giant industrial pizza cutter she swipes from a gas station. George A. Romero never mentioned anything like this. With one friend dead and no zombie survival guides to help her, Dallas and her friends must get to Chattanooga before joining the ranks of the undead themselves.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

"Frost Legacy" by Jessica Reed!

Hiya guys and dolls! Check out this new paranormal adventure, filled with shape-shifting werewolves, fae, magic, and danger.

Frost Legacy
The Inheritance

 Frost Legacy
~Author: Jessica Reed

~Released: October 23rd, 2017

~Length: 285 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal

How do you fight fate? Her options are disappearing and her resolve is waning. Will she continue to fight until the end even when all seems hopeless? Will she succumb to the evil of the world because it’s easier or will she be the light people need her to be? 

Orphaned at the age of five when her parents were tragically murdered, Kitra Frost thought she had faced her hardest parts of her life with their deaths and finding out she was a Dire Wolf shifter. She never knew her toughest battle would find her when old wounds were finally healing. 

Secrets kept hidden from her mask a power the world has never seen. She’s not safe anymore and someone is coming for her. 

Receiving help from some new friends and a group of extremely dangerous and handsome Rangers from the Dire Wolf pack, she knows what has to be done. 

Together, they would take on the worst enemy the Supernatural community had ever faced. 

Her name is Kitra Frost. She's the key and the gate will not be opened.