Wednesday, October 26, 2016

*YA Sci-Fi with Playlist & Giveaway!*
"Opaque" by Calix Leigh-Reign!

 Book Tour

Hiya guys, happy Wednesday! How's your week going so far?

Today, DRR is sharing a Sci-Fi Fantasy with you guys. Sounds like a fun adventure, so check it out, and be sure to add it to your TBR pile!

Scion Saga, #1

~Released: August 19th, 2016

~Genres: Young Adult, Scifi, Fantasy

Highly controversial debut novel by Cālix Leigh-Reign is taking the nation by storm! For those who've been craving an untapped damsel-in-distress-less Sci-Fi niche - Opaque delivers in this gripping page-turner involving mutated Limbal rings, biokenretic anomalies, mental dysfunction, perplexing Russian ancestry & romance. Cālix takes us on an adventure that begins when 16 year old misanthropic Adam Caspian unknowingly reaches biokenretic puberty, and his supernatural abilities awaken to save him from his murderous intentions. His every thought revolves around the extinction of the human race until mysterious Afro-Russian Carly Wit stumbles into his English class one morning. Adam notices something otherworldly about her immediately but denies the bio-synch taking place inside of him. As he resists their blossoming love, he battles with unnatural thoughts of his mother. Discovering his origin isn't what he'd thought, he becomes determined to peel back the layers of his lineage and unmasks a multitude of mind-bending secrets along the way.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

*Perfect for Kids!*
"The Wishing World" by Todd Fahnestock!

Hiya guys, happy Wednesday!

We have another tour spotlight for you guys, organized by Roger Charlie.

It's kind of different book than we feature here on DRR - it's a Middle Grade Fantasy! This is a great one to get for your kids/siblings/cousins/anyone who would enjoy it!

We've also got an interview with the author - check it out!

 The Wishing World
~Released: October 25th, 2016

~Length: 224 Pages

~Genres: Middle Grade Fantasy

In the Wishing World, dreams are real. You can transform into your own hero, find wild and whimsical friends, and wield power as great as your imagination. But Lorelei doesn't know about any of that. All she knows is that a monster took her family.

It happened during a camping trip one year ago. Hiding inside the tent, she saw shadows, tentacles and a strange creature. By the time she got up the courage to crawl outside, the monster--and Lorelei's mom, dad, and brother--were gone.

Lorelei is determined to find her family. When she accidentally breaks into the Wishing World, she discovers a way. It's a land more wonderful than she could have imagined, a land of talking griffons, water princesses, and cities made of sand, where Lorelei is a Doolivanti--a wish-maker--who can write her dreams into existence.

There's only one problem: the monster is a Doolivanti, too. What he wishes also comes true, and he's determined to shove Lorelei out, keep her family, and make the whole Wishing World his. To save them, Lorelei must find the courage to face him, or her next wish may be her last.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

*New YA Romance!*
"One Summer with Autumn" by Julie Reece!

 One Summer with Autmn

Hiya guys, happy Tuesday!

DRR is sharing an awesome new YA Contemporary Romance, published by Swoon Romance!

Check out the excerpt to see if it sounds good to you, and be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a free copy!

 One Summer with Autumn
~Publisher: Swoon Romance

~Published: October 18th 2016

~Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

Seventeen-year-old Autumn Teslow arrives at her father’s job fair knowing she’ll never measure up to the perfect image of daddy’s little girl—her twin sister.

Wearing anger management issues like a second skin won’t help Autumn win her dad’s approval for the big trip she’s been planning—or meet his condition that she successfully complete a summer internship for college.

Autumn’s cool unravels when her sister lectures against disappointing the family again. And when a young, bearded guy steps through the crowd to settle the growing argument between siblings, Autumn lashes out, dubbing him a “Duck Dynasty wannabe.”

At Nineteen, Caden Behr is clueless as to why his man parts are threatened by the fearsome girl before him. He’d only come to find an intern for his recreational equipment company, not break up a girl-fight between two sisters.

Unfortunately, the only candidate left is the girl who just told him off. Without her, he’ll never prove to his CEO mother that he’s ready for more responsibility.

Autumn and Caden agree that if they can keep from killing one another, they can use one another to get what they want and then never have to see each other again. Which is what they want.

Until it isn’t.

Because despite her best efforts to scare him off, and his fading desire to push her into the lake, they’re beginning to enjoy the time they spend together. But pride is a hard habit to break. And if neither will admit their changing feelings, they could lose a whole lot more than one summer.

Friday, October 14, 2016

*Tour with Dream Cast & Giveaway*
"Nika" by D.H. Gibbs!

 Blog Tour!

Hiya guys, TGIF! Any fun plans for the weekend?

DRR has a fun novella to share with you all today. It's a Young Adult Fantasy, and could be a great read for this weekend!

Check it out, and be sure to add it to your TBR pile! =D

A Seychatka Novella

~Released: March 1st 2016

~Length: 96 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

Taken off the streets Nika is thrown into an unknown world where she's held captive. As an orphan, she has been on the run and must find her way out before they discover her secret. But these people held the knowledge of her family and who she is. Will she be able to find out before her secret is revealed? After hundreds of years, Demyan has finally found the rightful ruler of his race. Unfortunately, she doesn't know who she is and is doing everything in her power to escape him. Time is running out and Demyan has to convince Nika to take her rightful place otherwise the battle will be lost and his race extinguished.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

*Tour, Review & Giveaway*
"Extraordinary October" by Diana Wagman!

 Book Tour

Hiya peeps, happy Thursday! =D

Today, DRR is excited to share an awesome book, perfect for this month! We were instantly drawn to this one - from the epic cover, to the equally epic iguana sitting on the author's shoulder, we couldn't help but explore this YA paranormal adventure!

Check out our review to see what we though, watch the teaser video, and enter the giveaway for an awesome prize!

 Extraordinary October
~Publisher: Ig Publishing

~Published: October 11th 2016

~Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal

October is an ordinary girl. From her plain looks to her average grades, there seems to be nothing special about her. Then, three days before her eighteenth birthday, she develops a strange itch that won’t go away, and her life is turned upside down. Suddenly, she can hear dogs talk, make crows fly, and two new and very handsome boys at school are vying for her affections. After she starts “transplanting” herself through solid rock, October learns that she is not ordinary at all, but the daughter of a troll princess and a fairy prince, and a pawn in a deadly war between the trolls and the fairies. Now October will have to use all of her growing powers to save her family, and stop a mysterious evil that threatens to destroy the fairy world.

In the fantastical vein of authors such as Julie Kagawa and Holly Black, Extraordinary October takes us on a magical journey from the streets of Los Angeles to the beautiful and mythical underground fairy kingdom.

Monday, October 10, 2016

*Tour with Review & Giveaway*
"The Daemoniac" by Kat Ross!

 Book Tour

Hiya guys!! Happy Monday - how was your weekend?

DRR has got an awesome book to share with you today, perfect to get you in an eerie October mood!

Check it out, and be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post!

A Dominion Mystery, #1

~Published: October 12th 2016

~Length: 281 Pages

~Parent's Guide: PG-17

~Genres: Historical, Mystery, Young Adult

It’s August of 1888, just three weeks before Jack the Ripper will begin his grisly spree in the London slum of Whitechapel, and another serial murderer is stalking the gas-lit streets of New York. With taunting messages in backwards Latin left at the crime scenes and even more inexplicable clues like the fingerprints that appear to have been burned into one victim’s throat, his handiwork bears all the hallmarks of a demonic possession.

But consulting detective Harrison Fearing Pell is convinced her quarry is a man of flesh and blood. Encouraged by her uncle, Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry hopes to make her reputation by solving the bizarre case before the man the press has dubbed Mr. Hyde strikes again.

From the squalor of the Five Points to the high-class gambling dens of the Tenderloin and the glittering mansions of Fifth Avenue, Harry and her best friend, John Weston, follow the trail of a remorseless killer, uncovering a few embarrassing secrets of New York’s richest High Society families along the way. Are the murders a case of black magic—or simple blackmail? And will the trail lead them closer to home than they ever imagined?

Friday, October 7, 2016

*Blitz & Giveaway*
"Spies Like Me" by Doug Solter!

 Book Blitz!

Hiya guys! TGIF!

Today, DRR has a fun book for you, perfect for a weekend read! Check it out, and be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post!

The Gems, #1

 Spies Like Me
~Published: October 4th 2016

~Genres: Young Adult, Adventure

Can she bring these girls together?

When she discovers her father’s plane crash wasn’t an accident, sixteen year old Emma wants to punish those responsible. Even if it means becoming a spy. The mysterious organization known simply as The Authority wants Emma to join the Gems. This team of all-girl spies knows how to handle themselves on dangerous missions…like stopping an evil plan to incinerate the world’s food supply.

Meet the Gems…

Olivia, code-named Emerald, is seventeen years old. Half English and half Jamaican. Specializes in leadership, marksmanship, and is a rated pilot.

Miyuki, code-named Ruby, is sixteen and from Okinawa, Japan. She specializes in gymnastics and martial arts. Trained in jungle survival and deep sea diving. Once blew up her boyfriend’s motorcycle using a rocket launcher.

Nadia, code-named Sapphire, is sixteen and from Saudi Arabia. She’s a science and computer nerd. Nadia’s zero-gravity school agriculture project created interest from NASA and the European Space Agency.

Emma, code-named Black Opal, specializes in high school theater and shopping.

Each girl comes from a different background. Each girl comes with different skills. Each girl comes with their own drama.

The Authority thinks Emma is the missing link to make this team work.

Emma thinks The Authority is her only chance for revenge.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

*Blitz with Excerpt*
"The Glitch" by Ramona Finn!

 Book Blitz

Hiya guys! Happy Thursday!

DRR has a new dystopian novel for you! We've got an excerpt for you, so you can see how interesting it sounds! Check it out, and be sure to add it to your TBR list!

 The Glitch
~Released: September 5th 2016

~Genres: Young Adult, Dystopian

On the brink of extinction, being human means more than just surviving. 

In Lib’s world, it’s dangerous to deviate from the norm. In fact, for someone who doesn’t live up to the Artificial Intelligence’s standards, it’s practically a death sentence. Lib learns this the hard way when she wakes up in a barren wasteland, with her memories erased, and only one thought lodged in her mind: 

“It’s all my fault.” 

Lib is a Glitch—an imperfect human component of the utopian world called the Norm. Now she’s thrown out, Lib will be forced to team up with another Glitch, Raj, and the mysterious Rogue Wolf and his clan to survive. Wolf only cares about the survival of his group, but Raj thinks they can hack the A.I. and change the Norm for the better. 

Now, Lib will have to decide which path to choose—whether to go with striking loner Raj or stay with Wolf and his tight-knit group. Her heart is drawn to both, but she’s carrying a deadly secret that could jeopardize them all. Will she be able to save her newfound family and stop the A.I. before it’s too late?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

*Tour with Guest Post & Giveaway*
"Unlocked" by Margo Kelly!

 Book Tour!

Hiya guys! Happy Wednesday! How's your week going so far?

Today, DRR is sharing a new book with you - a young adult mystery, perfect for this time of year!

Check it out, and be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post before you leave! =D

~Released: Oct 1st, 2016

~Length: 304 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Mystery

17-year-old Hannah is losing her grip on reality, which is affecting not only her but her friends and family too. She wrecked the car when bugs crawled over her hands, but were the creepy things even real? Now someone is moving Hannah’s possessions around in her room, or is she imagining that also? Why does she feel like she isn’t in control of her own brain anymore? Hannah is terrified she’s headed for a horrible life in and out of the mental institution, just like her dad. 

When her friends bail, Hannah is left floundering. Her boyfriend, Manny, doesn’t believe her wild stories, and new girl Chelsea is practically replacing her at school. Only artsy outsider and self-proclaimed occult expert, Plug, agrees to help Hannah discover the truth, but even he can't help Hannah reclaim her mind from whatever is taking over. She'll have to do that on her own, especially if she wants to save her friends, her mom, and herself. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

*Tour & Giveaway*
"Songs of Seraphina" by Jude Houghton!

 Book Tour!

Hiya guys, Happy Tuesday! =D

Today, DRR is sharing a YA Fantasy with you, and it sounds like a great one to read in October!

Check it out, see the author's playlist, and enter the giveaway at the bottom before you go!

 Songs of Seraphina
~Released: June 30th, 2015

~Publisher: Tenebris Books, Grimbold Books

~Length: 345 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

Some battles bleed so much, and for so long, that the earth never truly forgets their dead. Some battles are born of oppression, and some of greed, and some simply because it was written in the stars. 

Three sisters—Charlemagne, Cairo and Pendragon Agonistes—are sent from America to England to live with their eccentric grandparents after their mother disappears and their father falls to pieces. But before the girls have time to find their feet, Charlemagne is married off to a dead man, Penny takes a nap and wakes up as a boy, and Cairo is swept into a dangerous romance with a man who wants her for more than her considerable charm. With the girls wrapped up in a conflict they barely understand, they don’t notice that their grandmother is transforming, or that the two demigod assassins who took their mother are now coming for them—if one of them can get over his crisis of conscience. 

In this richly painted tale, at whose heart is the unbreakable bond of family and blood, the world of Seraphina collides with our own as three unique girls are dragged into twilight lives past, fighting for vengeance, retribution, and the survival of their exiled people.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

*New Release!*
"Prae Lium" by Roze Wallin (ME!!)

Hiya guys! Doing some self-pimping today!

I'm going to be releasing "Prae Lium" on Amazon and Barnes & Noble on Monday!! This will the the final installment of my Swirling Secrets Trilogy.

I'm so excited to be finishing this series up. It's been an amazing journey, and I can't really believe it's finished already.

I loved writing this series, and I hope you guys love reading it!

"Prae Lium" is available RIGHT NOW on Amazon! You can pre-order a Kindle copy, and it'll be delivered to you on Monday!

The paperback edition should be available next week as well, assuming everything goes well with the proof copy. ;)

Check it out, and please add it to your TBR list if it looks interesting!

 Prae Lium
~Released: October 3rd, 2016

~Length: 224 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal

Fate is stitching two sides of a vicious war together, using love.

Magnhild, is no longer a freak. Blossomed from an awkward duckling, into a radiant swan, she finds her place. The only question now is, can she survive it?

Everything changes, a brutal war explodes, and loved ones are lost.

Who will survive to lead the world? It's the Desi Pere vs. the Sospi Tare, and the fight will shake the fabric of reality.

No matter the outcome, one thing is certain: our fragile world, will never be the same.

Thanks so much guys! Please share this series with anyone you think would enjoy it, I would really appreciate it! =D