Saturday, October 1, 2016

*New Release!*
"Prae Lium" by Roze Wallin (ME!!)

Hiya guys! Doing some self-pimping today!

I'm going to be releasing "Prae Lium" on Amazon and Barnes & Noble on Monday!! This will the the final installment of my Swirling Secrets Trilogy.

I'm so excited to be finishing this series up. It's been an amazing journey, and I can't really believe it's finished already.

I loved writing this series, and I hope you guys love reading it!

"Prae Lium" is available RIGHT NOW on Amazon! You can pre-order a Kindle copy, and it'll be delivered to you on Monday!

The paperback edition should be available next week as well, assuming everything goes well with the proof copy. ;)

Check it out, and please add it to your TBR list if it looks interesting!

 Prae Lium
~Released: October 3rd, 2016

~Length: 224 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal

Fate is stitching two sides of a vicious war together, using love.

Magnhild, is no longer a freak. Blossomed from an awkward duckling, into a radiant swan, she finds her place. The only question now is, can she survive it?

Everything changes, a brutal war explodes, and loved ones are lost.

Who will survive to lead the world? It's the Desi Pere vs. the Sospi Tare, and the fight will shake the fabric of reality.

No matter the outcome, one thing is certain: our fragile world, will never be the same.

Thanks so much guys! Please share this series with anyone you think would enjoy it, I would really appreciate it! =D