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*TBT Review*
"The Soul's Mark: FOUND" by Ashley Stoyanoff!

Hiya peeps! As if I'm not reviewing enough already, I'm going back to doing TBT Reviews! These posts are for books I've reviewed in years past, but want to re-visit, because you may like it!

Check out this book I originally reviewed/published on October 9th, 2013.

The Soul's Mark: Found

~Author: Ashley Stoyanoff

~ReleasedJuly 20, 2012

~Length274 Pages

~GenresYoung Adult, New Adult Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance

Anxious to leave her destructive past behind, Amelia Caldwell moves to Willowberg, excited for a fresh start. Once there, she discovers that her birthmark is more than it seems. She has been marked by a vampire's soul. Not only does she hold his soul, but Amelia is also his soulmate.

After almost a century of searching for his soulmate, Mitchell Lang fears the worst—he is going to lose Amelia to another man. His heart takes over, and his impulsive decision to take away her free will and to intensify their bond quickly turns her growing love into hate.

When they become trapped in the emotional rollercoaster of their souls' bond, open conflict erupts. Amelia has no intentions of belonging to anyone, not even her soulmate, and Mitchell refuses to let her go.

While she frantically searches for a way to escape his grasp, Amelia unlocks the painful memories of her past and uncovers a powerful secret. But before she has a chance to explore her newfound edge, she finds herself caught in the middle of a deadly game of revenge and is forced to realize that YOU CANNOT RUN FROM DESTINY.

 Ashley Stoyanoff on Goodreads
Ashley Stoyanoff is an author of paranormal romance books for young adults, including The Soul's Mark series and the Deadly Trilogy. She lives in Southern Ontario with her husband, Jordan, and two cats: Tanzy and Trinity.

In July 2012, Ashley published her first novel, The Soul’s Mark: FOUND, and shortly thereafter, she was honored with The Royal Dragonfly Book Award for both young adult and newbie fiction categories.

An avid reader, Ashley enjoys anything with a bit of romance and a paranormal twist. When she’s not writing or devouring her latest read, she can be found spending time with her family, watching cheesy chick flicks or buying far too many clothes.

Ashley loves hearing from her readers, so feel free to connect with her online.

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4/5 Roses ~

This story embodies the phrases, “There is a fine line between love and hate,” and, “Be careful what you wish for.” The synopsis very accurately depicts the plot-line of this book. Chaos erupts and emotions run high, as the destinies of two very different people finally merge. Secrets are revealed, painful pasts are faced, and closets full of skeletons all break free at once. 

Amelia is a pretty relatable female-lead character. She's stubborn, strong-willed, determined and loyal. Even though she's found her soulmate, she tries to break free from him, simply on the principle of not belonging to someone else. Mitchell is a pretty accurate vampire guy, I'd think. He's possessive, emotional, stubborn, and hot-headed. Together, they make an explosive combination, that easily creates an interesting story. With the help of some fantastic side characters, this intense page-turner quickly captures you, and keeps you gasping in surprise. 

Ashley Stoyanoff has created an incredible story with this book. She put a fantastic new spin on vampires and soulmates, giving an imaginative and romantic twist to an old myth. With quick writing and a good mix of humor to balance out the seriousness of the situation, this book quickly gripped my attention, and left me very thankful it's only the first in a series. Overall, I really enjoyed it, and I would recommend it to any YA/NA paranormal or vampire fan.

*I was given an eCopy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Sounds interesting - I hadn't heard of this book before, but I'll have to check it out!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. Awesome, Nicole! I hope you enjoy it, if you end up reading it. I'll be reviewing the next two books in the series soon, and there's a cover reveal for the 4th book of the series on Sat, Oct 12th!! Awesome series :)



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