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"Frost Legacy" by Jessica Reed!

Hiya guys and dolls! Check out this new paranormal adventure, filled with shape-shifting werewolves, fae, magic, and danger.

Frost Legacy
The Inheritance

 Frost Legacy
~Author: Jessica Reed

~Released: October 23rd, 2017

~Length: 285 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal

How do you fight fate? Her options are disappearing and her resolve is waning. Will she continue to fight until the end even when all seems hopeless? Will she succumb to the evil of the world because it’s easier or will she be the light people need her to be? 

Orphaned at the age of five when her parents were tragically murdered, Kitra Frost thought she had faced her hardest parts of her life with their deaths and finding out she was a Dire Wolf shifter. She never knew her toughest battle would find her when old wounds were finally healing. 

Secrets kept hidden from her mask a power the world has never seen. She’s not safe anymore and someone is coming for her. 

Receiving help from some new friends and a group of extremely dangerous and handsome Rangers from the Dire Wolf pack, she knows what has to be done. 

Together, they would take on the worst enemy the Supernatural community had ever faced. 

Her name is Kitra Frost. She's the key and the gate will not be opened. 

 About the Author

 Jennifer Reed
Hello! I'm Jennifer Ann Reed, author of the Frost Legacy Series. I live in Southwest Virginia with my husband Adam and our two dogs, Bella and Legolas. When I'm not creating new worlds for my readers, I can be found inside a science classroom. 

I enjoy binge watching TV on Netflix and reading until my eyes cross. I think chocolate and coffee should have their own food groups and consume them more than I care to admit.

~ Connect with Jennifer Online ~

Kitra is a teenager, who happens to shapeshift into a wolf. Suffering from survivor's guilt after her parents died when she a little girl, she struggles to fight her memory, which holds the secret to their killer. When she moves back to her hometown with her guardians, Uncle Kalen and Aunt Mauve, her world shifts yet again, and she discovers things about her family and her town she never would have dreamed of.

In this fast paced story, Kitra's adventure pulls you in, as you watch her handle a rather traumatic junior year in high school. Her snarky, stubborn attitude sees her through flames that forge her into the strong young woman she was created to be. While moving to Serenade Falls was a terrifying move for her, it was what she needed to leave her scared self behind, and blossom into such a strong female character.

The writing was smooth and flowed well, filling gaps and questions nicely. The ending was set up for a sequel, although not on a dramatic cliff-hanger, and would be an acceptable ending for anyone who wanted to read it as a stand-alone novel. Overall, this is an exciting story with a compelling twist of genres, a great sense of humor, and a clean budding romance that would be nice to see grow in the sequel. I would recommend it to any fan of paranormal adventures, shape shifters, fae, or simply a good book.

*I was given a complimentary copy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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