Sunday, November 10, 2013

Comment Headache...

Hey peeps, Rose here. I know I don't post many just "chit-chat" posts, but I'm trying to get better with that.  So, I thought I'd write one today, about comment methods for blogger/wordpress.

I've had the  Disqus comment program on my blog for a few months.  I saw some other blogs using it, and thought it looked nice.  Seems organized, and set up nicely.  I also liked that it was easy to share across social media networks.

While it was ok when the blog was starting out and not getting many comments, it's grown this past year, and I get more comments now.  Disqus has simply become more of a pain than it's worth.  Why?

-I've had people tell me they can't log in, and it won't even load.

-I've had several people say they're not able to post comments at all.

-It's stopping comments from a lot of visitors.

-It deleted all my old comments, even though it's supposed to import them, and keep them visible.

-It won't let most people comment on the pages at the top of my blog (not the posts, the actual pages, like About Me and such).

-It slows down my page loading time, even though it's supposed to speed it up...sheesh *facepalm*

So, yeah, not worth the headache.

I've visited a few blogs recently, who have all used CommentLuv, and it seems like a good comment program.

Why do I want a program for comments, as opposed to just using blogger's comment system?  Well, it's just not very pretty :/  If you haven't noticed, I like my blog to flow well, and have a nice style to it.  Plus, I just like things that look pretty, and blogger is a bit blunt and lacks the style I want for my blog.

Sooo, anyway, I thought I'd open it up to the people who actually visit my blog.  What do you guys like to use?  When you visit blogs, are there programs you enjoy?  Do any fellow bloggers out there use CommentLuv, and have any thoughts on using it?  I don't want another Disqus situation...

Any thoughts would be appreciated!  Thanks!

Ciao for now!



  1. Interesting - I didn't know there was an issue with Disquus. Will watch to see how you get on


    1. Yeah, I didn't either, until I started getting more followers and comments. Way too many complaints :( Hopefully I'll find a good replacement! :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I was going to use Disqus, but now I'm definitely not going to after reading about your issues, eep! I've also seen a lot of bloggers use Commentluv, and I think I'm going to go that route. Have you talked to anyone who uses Commentluv on their blog and how they like it?

    1. I haven't personally talked to anyone who uses CommentLuv yet, but from using it myself (as a commentor), it seems really good. I've noticed it's on a ton of blogs that get a lot of comments, while Disqus seems to be on smaller blogs, so that kind of tells me a lot, too. I think I may go with CommentLuv too.


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