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"The Prophecy" by S.P. Cerventes!

The Prophecy 
(Secrets of Shadow Hill, #2)

~By: S.P. Cervantes

~Published: November 19th, 2013

~Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy

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Ava Fox has spent the past year acclimating to her new life as a wizard of Shadow Hill. Over the past year, her connection with Dalton has only grown stronger. They share a bond she has never known before and can't explain.

The danger is still there, even after the Sabatino coven was defeated, and Ava's future is anything but sure. Her powerful relationship with Dalton continues to make others wonder about the Prophecy, and their place in it. Time and again Ava's loyalty and strength will be put to the test as she fights for those she loves.

There are many more secrets of Shadow Hill that will be revealed in The Prophecy.

S.P Cervantes lives in Orange County, California with her husband and three children,  where she is a teacher. She enjoys spending time with her family, writing, reading, and  running, but is always thinking of an idea for her next novel. 

S.P. Cervantes is currently working on a new contemporary romance, while finishing the  final novel of the Secrets of Shadow Hill series. 

S.P. Cervantes has a B.S. in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Cross Cultural Education.

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~Rose: "The Prophecy" is the second book in this series - can you tell us a little about the first book? 

~S.P.: “Always and Forever” is the first book in my Secrets of Shadow Hill series that introduces you to the characters and world of Shadow Hill. The story begins when twin sisters, Ava and Hannah, are ripped from a seemingly normal life and forced into a new and unimaginable magical world. A powerful and handsome wizard, Dalton, is sent to save them from an evil coven out to capture them and they soon find out that they are descendants of powerful wizards and are in grave danger. When their father was killed by an opposing coven before their birth, their mother was determined to protect them had hidden them away in a small town in New Jersey in hopes of keeping their existence a secret because of the power they could withhold. Now their existence has been discovered and the truth about their lineage is revealed. Fleeing to Ireland with Dalton and his partner Aiden after their mother is kidnapped, they struggle to find their way through all of the secrets that have been kept from them for their entire lives. It is an adventurous and suspenseful story of family, romance, and self-discovery. 

~Rose: The "Secrets of Shadow Hill" series is fascinating - what inspired this story? 

~S.P.: Thank you! When I started writing Always and Forever, I had been reading a lot of fantasy books, Twilight, Shattered Hearts, Hunger Games. I have always written for pleasure, but after being put on bed rest when pregnant with my twin daughters, I decided to challenge myself and write a novel of my own. I was having extremely vivid dreams during my pregnancy about the world of Shadow Hill, and the entire plot for the series came to life over a few months. 

 ~Rose: Are the characters in your books based on real people, or are they purely fictional? 

 ~S.P.: As much as I would love for Dalton to be real, he’s completely fictional. I think I put a piece of me and people I know in all of my characters because it’s what I know. I am a twin, and have had people ask me if I am Ava or Hannah in the book. Truth is, I was very careful to make sure to have Ava and Hannah’s personalities differ from mine in my sister’s, but I also think that being a twin myself let me be able to show an true and honest relationship that twins have. 

 ~Rose: The Cover for "The Prophecy" is beautiful - who designed it? 

~S.P.: Thank you! I LOVE my cover also and equally love my cover designer. Kelly Walker, who is also an amazing writer, designed my cover. I fell in love with it the second I saw it because I felt it showed the true emotion of Ava in this story. Kelly has since made a new cover for “Always and Forever”, my cover for “War of Wizards”, and also did the design for my Contemporary Romance, Dust to Dust, that I have coming out on March 4th. 

~Rose: How many books are going to be in this series? 

~S.P.: The Secrets of Shadow Hill is a 3 book series, with the final book, “War of Wizards”, coming out this summer. 

~Rose: Are you planning on writing any other books after this series is finished? 

~S.P.: Yes! I have a contemporary suspenseful romance being released on March 4th called “Dust to Dust” (A Broken Fairy Tale). It is the first book in a standalone series that I am writing that follows the life of people who feel broken, but find the light through the cracks. They are stories of empowerment and love. 

~Rose: What makes your writing environment the most comfortable and productive? 

~S.P.: If I can lock myself away from my kids, listen to my ipod and write for at least 3 hours straight, I am going to have a good day. I usually set aside a good six hours straight every weekend, because I like to get in a flow, rather than stopping and starting too often. 

~Rose: What is your favorite part about being a writer? 

~S.P.: The best part if being a writer is writing. I pour my heart and soul into my books and find such peace in creating stories. I am honestly amazed every time people other than my mom read and love my books. It is an honor to be able to share my stories with others because they are a piece of me. 

~Rose: What do you do in your spare time, besides writing? 

~S.P.: I am a mother of three amazing children. I have a creative and funny eight year old boy, and two sweet and strong willed twin four year old girls. I am also a third grade teacher. When I am not with my family, or working on lessons, I love to run and read. I am a true bookaholic! 

~Rose: Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? 

~S.P.: Thank you so much for supporting authors and our books. It is a vulnerable thing to put a book out into the world, and the kindness and support, even the constructive criticism is always appreciated. I hope you will all be swept away in the magical world of Shadow Hill and be able to find happiness in my books.

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