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"Lucid" by P.T. Michelle!

Lucid (Brightest Kind of Darkness, #2)
(Brightest Kind of Darkness, #2)

~By: P.T. Michelle

~Released: July 7th, 2012

~Length: 328 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance

Once Nara combines her prophetic ability with Ethan’s power to outsmart Fate at his own deadly cat-and-mouse game, she’s more determined than ever to help Ethan learn the meaning behind the raven sword tattoo that suddenly appeared on his back after their confrontation with Fate.

During her quest to uncover the tattoo’s secrets, Nara enlists the help of some new friends and discovers her own surprising connection to Ethan.

While Nara digs deeper into the mystery, her desire for answers leads her down a dangerous path full of powerful and ruthless enemies. Swept into an age-old battle, Nara quickly learns that keeping one’s enemies close can be a necessary evil, making an intangible enemy she can control far more preferable to the human enemies she can’t.

~ 5/5 Roses ~

Exactly what I'd expect from a sequel, this book is perfect!  As the story progresses, and characters grow, you get completely sucked in, wanting to know more!

I absolutely love this story- I loved the first book, and this sequel certainly didn't disappoint!

I really enjoyed the new characters that were introduced- who doesn't love a foreign guy who's protective and knows how to fight?? :D  I really love how Lainey and Nara's relationship grew, and we got to see new levels of their friendship.  I did miss Ethan, since he was visiting his parents through-out the majority of this book, but when he did re-emerge, it was just beautiful!!  The changes in him made him even more attractive, and made his relationship with Nara even deeper and more wonderful.  I really loved Nara's devotion to Ethan while they were separated, and how she risked so much to be loyal to him- that was really special.  I absolutely love Gran, she is hilarious!!  By far, one of the funniest parts of the book, are the scenes with Gran :)

I love how ravens are used in this story- that's certainly not something you see often, but is very special and entertaining.  I'm looking forward to seeing how they're further used in the story, and the mystery between Ethan's connection with the raven, and Fate.

Some of the first chapters have redundant info, which was probably only noticeable if you'd just read the first book the day before (as I did, in order to review this book).  It was very helpful though, in case the reader is reading it as a stand-alone book, or needed to catch up from the first book.

I really love the way this story is written.  The way the author depicted each character, and the way the relationship and characters developed and grew through-out the story was just beautiful.

One of the best parts of the book was certainly the ending- it leaves you wanting to know what happens next, and feeling excited for the rest of the story- I can't wait for the next book!!

I certainly recommend this series, to just about anyone!  It's deep and entertaining, and doesn't leave you disappointed.

*I received an eCopy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

Patrice Michelle (P.T. Michelle)

Born and raised in the Southeast, award-winning author Patrice Michelle gave up her financial calculator for a keyboard and never looked back. Thanks to an open-minded family who taught her that life isn't as black and white as we're conditioned to believe, she pens her novels with the belief that various shades of gray are a lot more interesting. She's a natural with a point-and-shoot camera, likes to fiddle with graphic design and, to the relief of her family, strums her guitar to an audience of one.

Well, that's the condensed, back-of-the-book bio about moi, anyway. :o)

As for becoming a writer...I wasn't one of those writers scribbling stories as soon as I could write, but I was a voracious reader. At the age of fifteen, I told my mom after I'd finished reading a book, "One day, I want to be the one who writes the kind of books readers think about long after they've closed it." 

As Patrice Michelle, I write dark, sexy, action-packed paranormal and contemporary romances.

As P.T. Michelle, I write dark paranormal YA books. 

New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling author of the In The Shadows and Brightest Kind of Darkness series

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