Monday, June 22, 2015

"A Stunning Accusation" by Sarahbeth Caplin!
*Cover Reveal*

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 A Stunning Accusation on Goodreads
~Genres: New Adult, Contemporary

Adelaide Scott is a 25-year-old relationship advice columnist for Stunning! Magazine. Her new boyfriend, Jordan Johnson, is a renowned photographer for Sports Unlimited. On the surface, he is everything a woman should want: Good-looking, hilarious, and charismatic. Their relationship seems perfect, and Addie slowly allows herself to consider a future with him…until his ex-girlfriend confronts them at a bar, and accuses Jordan of raping her, turning their world upside down.

It doesn’t help that her best friend and editor, Kiersten Sharp, sees rape as a black-and-white issue, with no shades of doubt. Addie is about to discover that the truth – in all its forms – is complicated, and not at all what she expects.

 Sarahbeth Caplin on Goodreads!
Sarahbeth Caplin is the author of three novels and a memoir, Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter, which ranked #51 in Amazon’s top 100 books on personal growth in May 2015. She lives in Colorado with her husband and kittens, and is working on an MFA in Creative Writing at Colorado State. 

Interesting cover, for sure!  You can definitely tell it's a contemporary tear jerker, hu?  What do you think of this cover?  Does the story sound interesting?  Let us know in the comments below!

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