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"The Medium"

Hiya guys! I have a review to share with you today, for a fantasy horror novel!

Check it out, and see what you think! It may just be your next favorite vamp story!

The Medium

 The Medium
~Released: December 12th, 2013

~PublisherQui Est in Literis

~Length: 386 Pages

~Parent's Guide: PG-17

~Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror

Lenny is good at teaching physics. He is good at fixing things, making friends, and not attracting attention. He is good at being a medium, helping spirits pass beyond the Veil. But as a vampire incapable of violence, he has always been a bit of a joke. 

All it takes is a drink in a hotel bar, a stumble into the wrong place at the wrong time, to run him afoul of Sebastian Duran, a lunatic who controls other people’s minds better than he can control his own. Torn away from everything he knows, trapped and starved and under constant mental assault, Lenny’s best hope is Kim Reed, a wizard tasked with bringing down Duran. Kim cannot believe that Lenny is evil, but neither can she hide him, and while she battles for his freedom, Lenny is forced to confront his own potential for monstrosity.

 About the Author

 MR Graham
MR Graham is a native Texan who traces strong cultural roots back to Scotland, Poland, and England. A mild-mannered literacy professor during the day, Graham transforms at night into a raging Holmesian loremaster and rabid novelist.

Though passionate about all scholarship and academia, Graham's training and true love lies with anthropology, particularly the archaeological branch.

Also, steampunk and vampires.

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 My Review


Now I Need A Chocolate Bar...

So, this book is kind of depressing. *Edit* Very depressing.

While it is a fantasy, vampire lore story with murder and blood and all that, that's not the point of the book. It's more of a side element - an extra layer, adding a random spin to mental abuse, several disturbing issues, and an incredibly sad, twisted situation.

It very much felt to me, as if the author originally wanted to write a novel about mental abuse, mental illness, Stockholm Syndrome, PTSD, and abusive relationships. Not having enough depth, or perhaps needing a gripping enough story to actually pull readers in, she threw in the twist of the most cliche fantasy topic for mainstream readers at the moment: vampires. Making it slightly different, she altered the traditional vampiric lore to be unique, which on it's own, was refreshing.

Slapping all this together, we get a mashup of several different kinds of stories. It all felt disconnected and confusing to me, personally.

Now, don't get me wrong - I have no idea if that's what the author actually did, that's just what it felt like to me, as I read it. There's nothing wrong with mixing different kinds of stories - it's original, and different. It's simply to me, personally, the mixture has too much sadness. Too much darkness. There isn't enough contrast to make it satisfying. It's like one long, painful trip, where at the end, I felt like "what the heck did I just do that for..." and felt slightly disappointed.

The story overall was ok though, and like I said earlier, it was unique. The author isn't a bad writer, and for fans of perpetually dark novels, this would be a hit. I'm not really a fan of such deep darkness. Struggling with depression and several of the issues explored in this novel, I probably am more sensitive to it that the majority of readers.

If this book sounds interesting to you, I would recommend it. While it wasn't my cup of tea, it was an ok story, and to a lot of people, would be enjoyable. I don't regret reading it, I will simply not read it again for a long time. I would certainly be interested in reading more from this talented author, and was impressed by the depth of the mental torture she put me through.

*I was given a complimentary copy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

If this book sounds interesting to you, be sure to check it out, and let me know if you plan to read it!

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