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"The Adventures of Juice Box and Shame" Review!

Hiya peeps! I've got an interesting book to share today, complete with my review! Check it out, and see what you think!

The Adventures of Juice Box and Shame

 The Adventures of Juice Box and Shame
~Released: June 25th, 2017

~Length: 75 Pages

~Genres: Thriller, Contemporary Fiction

~Parent's Guide: PG-17

Li Nguyen, aka Juice Box, has never really had a friend. That is, until he meets the ultra cool, super mysterious Shame. Though Juice Box feels certain this is his new BFF, Shame’s dark past and nefarious entanglements get them both into serious, life-threatening trouble. It doesn’t help that Shame inadvertently pissed off one of the baddest crime bosses in Baltimore, Anna Nguyen (aka Laoban), who also happens to be Juice Box’s cousin. Shame stirred up trouble with a rival game, putting Anna and her crew in a precarious situation. Torn between his love for Anna and his new, exciting friendship with Shame, Juice Box must choose where his loyalties lie. 

Will he choose family and leave Shame out to dry, or will he choose the only friend he’s ever had, despite the danger?

 About the Author

Award-winning author joins forces with  St. Louis  tattoo artist for a unique comic book twist on the latest release in The Shamed Series

Author Liv Hadden

 Liv Haden
Liv Hadden has her roots in Burlington, Vermont  and currently resides in Georgetown, TX with her partner and two dogs, Madison and Samuel, where she is an active member of Writer’s League of Texas. Her 2016 release In the Mind of Revenge received high praise from Blue Ink Reviews, Writer’s Digest, Kirkus Reviews,  indieBRAG and five stars from Foreword Clarion Review

Incredibly inspired by artistic expression, Hadden immerses herself in creative endeavors on a daily basis. She finds great joy in getting lost in writing and seeing others fully express themselves through their greatest artistic passions. It’s no wonder she teamed up talented tattoo artist Mo Malone (who scribed a majority of Hadden’s body work) to create her latest release The Adventures of Juice Box and Shame.

~ Connect with Liv Online ~

Illustrator Mo Malone

 Mo Malone
Malone has been making art since she was a kid. Offered a tattoo apprenticeship while obtaining a B.F.A. in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University. Malone briefly diverted from tattooing to be an elementary and middle school teacher,  an experience she greatly enjoyed, but ultimately came back to her artistic roots. She has tattooed at Rick’s Tattoo in Arlington, Virginia (where she got her start), Iron Age Studio in St. Louis, Missouri and Triple Crown Tattoo in Austin, Texas where she met Hadden. 

A lover of travel, her craft has taken her all over the world, to include a dozens of tattoo conferences spanning from New York to Moscow. You can now find Malone back in St. Louis at Ragtime Tattoo. She has recently joined Evil Prints to expand into screen-printing, and when she’s not working her magic in the art world, you can find her feeding her adventurous spirit BMXing at her local skate park or wandering the Missouri Botanical Garden.


Comic book fiction meets the Baltimore streets.

When I started this book, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. What I got, was something completely new. Between the fresh, gritty nature of the book, to the edgy illustrations, The Adventures of Juice Box and Shame left me wanting more.

The style of this book is written in a way that pulls you in immediately, and plops you on the streets of Baltimore. I felt as if I'd visited the city, and experienced the adventure myself. It's something I could easily see being turned into a film production, as the whole story reads almost like a script.

I enjoyed the characters quite a bit, and while this was a trilling story that twisted my stomach in a few places, they still managed to make me laugh. The polar opposites of the two mixed to make quite a volatile and interesting mix. Opposites attract, and this friendship was a realistic one to watch develop.

My only complain was with the level of language. So. Much. Cursing! It fit the setting and the characters, and it was realistic, and while my mouth is in no way a clean one, I ended up wishing there was a slight filter. Still, that's simply a personal preference, and it's something a lot of people will probably appreciate and not have a problem with. The writing overall was very good, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I would recommend this to others, and would feel quite comfortable reading and recommending the book this one follows, In The Mind of Revenge.

*I received a complimentary eCopy of this book, from the author via Roger Charlie, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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