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"The Rogue Mountain" by Joshua Tarquinio!

Hiya peeps! I have a new review for you guys today! This book is perfect for Halloween, so I rushed to get this one up, in case you want to pick it up for thriller season! =D

Check it out below, and be sure to let me know if you're as into Halloween books as I am. ;)

The Rogue Mountain

 The Rogue Mountains
~Released: October 3rd, 2017

~Length: 383 Pages

~GenresModern Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Post Apocalyptic

The end of times hadn't been the end of times. It wasn't even the end of Pittsburgh. But what else to call it? Heaven and Hell and all the other planes had opened up on Earth and the battle was fought. But then it ended, and everything was still here, albeit with more than a few new additions to the taxonomy. 

If the end of times had come and gone, had God gone too? The Creative had given no sign, renewing the faith of some, destroying that of others. One question prevailed. Whether or not God was still around, what would be the place of mankind in the order of things? 

As this story begins, Del Ballantine, monster hunter, arrives in a small mountain town to help with the infestation. He soon learns it won't be as easy as the last ten or so places. One mountain is home to a witch. Another mountain, home to a primordial beast only one man ever lived to speak of. That man hadn't been able to say much before he went insane though. 

Ariana, Jeremy, and Reggie make up the house band at the Foothill Hotel and Bar. Though Reggie is content to go with the flow, his band mates are becoming frustrated with their situation. Jeremy, too talented to stay where he is, must care for his nightmare plagued mother. Ariana, who hasn't yet found herself, finds that the thrills she once easily extracted from her middle-of-nowhere town are beginning to lose their luster. 

Along the way, Ballantine meets the curmudgeon taxidermist and his uncommonly attractive wife, the no-nonsense hotel owner and her mute husband, a cocksure world traveler come to try his hand at hunting game from Hell, wood devils, shug monkeys, hunner dyers, hellcats, a ghost, and Jessica among many others. 

There's action and suspense, magic and mayhem, sex and violence, mixed emotions and questionable deeds. 

Can the people take their mountains back? And whether or not they succeed, will they find their place? 

"Tarquinio casts a spell over his readers in his debut novel and makes them yearn for more. He captured the fear of the unknown, fear of what is lurking in the shadows and even what is lurking within. This spellbinding tale steals time and sleep from its readers. 
- Jenn Weiss - Literary Cat Reviews

 About the Author

 Joshua Tarquinio

Joshua Tarquinio draws from a palate of interests including horror, fantasy, noir, adventure, mystery, philosophy, religion, and science. He is also a photographer, musician, who lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Surviving after the Apocalypse...

Monsters, demons, death, danger, a group of eclectic characters, and a bit of humor. That's a recipe for a great story, especially for a modern fantasy lover like myself. I very much enjoyed Ariana's character, and found her to be the most likable. The band dynamic was also entertaining, and a unique layer to add to a post-apocalyptic story. This whole book is unique for it's genre, which was refreshing.

My only reason for removing a rose was some of the more "adult" scenes, which I never enjoy. I generally always take off a rose for scenes of that nature, but in this story, it wasn't bad enough to make me stop reading entirely. The rest of the plot had hooked me enough to entice me to simply skip the scenes, and enjoy the rest of the adventure.

Written well, this book flowed brilliantly, with action, suspense, and off-beat fun balancing each other out in a rhythm that keeps you wanting to read. It explores the darkness most of us attempt to avoid in this world, and even more, in ourselves. I enjoyed the writing style, as well as the shifting points of view. It seemed well put together, thought through, and polished.

I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys the genre, and definitely recommend it for the Halloween season. Great read.

*I was given a complimentary eCopy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.


Check out an excerpt of the book HERE!

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