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"Lesson Plan for Murder" by Lori Robbins!

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Lesson Plan for Murder

 Lesson Plan for Murder
~Author: Lori Robbins

~Released: November 2017

~Publisher: Barking Rain Press

~Length: 228 Pages

~Genres: Adult Fiction, Cozy Mystery, Women's Fiction, Chick-Lit

No one sheds any tears when overbearing English teacher Marcia Deaver is found dead in her classroom. Some staff members speculate it was a heart attack, or perhaps a suicide, but Liz Hopewell knows that no self-respecting member of the Valerian Hills English Department would kill herself without leaving behind a perfectly penned suicide note, complete with detailed footnotes and obscure literary references.

After the police begin investigating the death as a murder, Liz finds Marcia’s mysteriously coded lesson plans. Convinced they hold the key to identifying the murderer, normally risk-averse Liz finds herself obsessed with solving the crime.

Despite repeated requests to stay out of it from both her husband and the very fine-looking detective assigned to the case, Liz persists in pursuing the murderer down a sordid trail of infidelity, blackmail, and Shakespeare conspiracy theories.

When additional staff members are poisoned, Liz realizes that her clandestine pursuit has spooked the murderer—and she is likely next on the list. Can Liz expose the murderer before she becomes the next victim?


Being an less-than-liked teacher is never fun, but if how do you know if you're truly hated by your kids? When no one sheds a tear over your death. When an English teacher is found in her classroom, most assume she committed suicide, or had a heart attack. All but fellow teacher and amateur detective Liz, that is.

Liz loves a good mystery, and her gut tells her there's something else going on with her former colleague's death. Her curiosity is paired with a quirky, unique kind of personality, making her a likable main character. I found myself chuckling far more than I expected, for a murder mystery novel.

Well written and organized, the story flowed at a steady pace. The ending was sweet, and the mystery wrapped up nicely. I didn't notice any plot holes or pieces out of place, and would definitely read this one again. If you enjoy a good mystery novel, definitely pick this one up. I'm thankful to the author for the chance to enjoy this mystery.

*I was given a complimentary eCopy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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