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Middle Grade Adventure Novel
"The Adventures of Warren Steadmill" by Jeremy F. Rosenberg!

Hiya peeps! I've got a fun middle grade adventure novel to share with you today. This is a year old last week, and a story I think a lot of young readers would enjoy.

Check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

The Adventures of Warren Steadmill

 Adventures of Warren Steadmill

~Released: July 6th, 2017

~Length: 357 Pages

~Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Adventure, Coming-Of-Age

You’re probably asking yourself: Why did Warren Steadmill leave his life of wealth and comfort, and how did he become Fortune Island’s most beloved folk hero? The question has fascinated scholars for decades. Well, Warren’s love for the tablemaker’s daughter led to him becoming the apprentice of her psychotic father, which led to him undertaking a sea voyage that was immediately attacked by pirates, which in turn led to him and a team of roguish actors infiltrating the crumbling castle of a madman, and later trying to stop said madman from taking over the country with an army of masked mercenaries. Along the way (or so scholars have determined) Warren encountered a loquacious traveling salesman, unusually persistent innkeepers, unexpected steampunk weirdness, heartfelt correspondence, political upheaval, a tale of a villainous bear, and various and sundry sisters, fairies, witches, nannies, dandies, inventors, and assorted indescribable lunatics, all chronicled with great fanfare in The Adventures of Warren Steadmill, which attempts to explain all of this in a picaresque coming-of-age romantic comedy fantasy adventure story that probably doesn’t really explain anything at all and in all likelihood will just keep the scholars guessing for a few decades more. 

Fortune Island’s most beloved tall tale springs to life in this achingly heartfelt, hilarious tome filled with wonder, whimsy, and adverbs. 

My Review


Charming middle grade adventure, filled with pirates, danger, adventure, and humor.

Warren is quite the charismatic character to follow. While he isn't particularly quick minded or sharp, he is smart, and comes to find his strength in other areas that make him amazing. The eldest of his siblings - all sisters - he grew up to be quiet and a little odd, always aware of the disappointment his father held for him. From the first chapter, he became a relatable character, even in the simple fact you wanted to see him succeed, despite everything going against him.

The adventure he found himself in was fun and exciting. You can rarely ever go wrong with pirates, and this one is no exception. With a cast of quirky, entertaining characters surrounding our main folk hero, the story is well rounded, and wraps up with a satisfying ending. The writing keeps the story flowing well, and I didn't notice many mistakes or areas that made me mentally trip.

Overall, this is a very good book. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys adventure comedies for this age group, and thank the author for the opportunity to experience Warren's story.

*I was given a complimentary eCopy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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