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"Bricks" by John Davidson!


~By: John Davidson

~Released: February 3rd, 2015

~Publisher: Anaiah Press

~Length: 217 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, Contemporary, Coming-of-Age

Sixteen-year old Cori Reigns learns that not all tornadoes take you to magical places. Some take your house, your school, and life as you knew it. Struggling to put the pieces of her life back together, Cori learns to rebuild what the storm destroyed by trusting family she didn't know she had and helping friends she never appreciated.

Married to my bride for twenty-four years, I have an amazing son and a wonderful daughter.

Born and raised in central Oklahoma, I work in education, first as a teacher now in technology curriculum. I write. I read. And in the summer I make snow cones. 

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       I honed my lines to a sharp point. What I would say, how she would respond, from as many different angles as I could think of. I was prepared—no matter what the script threw at me. What I didn’t count on was the toxic mix of a bubbling stomach and four cups of French Roast because everything went south when they walked in thirty minutes later.

       “Stop protecting me!” I shouted, covering my mouth as I blew my first line. Mom froze. Dad sighed and pushed past her to close the door.

       She manufactured a smile and cocked her head to one side. “We were only doing what we thought was best. You’ve been through a lot. I just didn’t want you to be force fed a lot of scary images.”

       I cleared my throat. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to shout I just need you to understand that I—” She held up both hands and motioned for me to slow down. I took a couple of deep breaths. “I know you think you’re helping me, but my whole world is out of whack right now. Cutting me off from my friends and any news isn’t helping. I can’t act like it never happened. Our house isn’t fine. My car isn’t okay. My school and my friends are—I don’t even know how they are because I’ve been sequestered away like someone in the witness protection program.” I clenched my fists to combat the effects of the caffeine. “I want to go home. Tomorrow. I want to see Slim and Leo. If we can’t be home, I want to be closer than an hour away.”

       In the background, I heard Dad sigh again as he pushed his hair from his eyes. “She has the right to know, Emily.”

       “Henri!” Mom shouted with his words still hanging in the air. “This isn’t the time. We talked about this.”

       “No, you talked and made me listen. But this isn’t about me. She deserves to know.”

       The room was dimly lit, but Mom’s eyes burned like lasers on my dad’s forehead. I’m surprised his head didn’t explode or melt. Even more surprising, he matched her glare and one-upped her. “If you don’t tell her, I will.”

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