Friday, May 15, 2015

"Where Shadows Lie" by Tialla Rising!
*Cover & Trailer Reveal with a Giveaway*

 Where Shadows Lie on Goodreads

~Genres: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Suspense 

His dark past haunts him. His new life taunts him.

After twenty years in the gangs and a hefty prison sentence, an early release gives Shawn the opportunity to turn his life around.

But that isn’t so easy when gangs are involved.

Only a year into his fresh start, the gang catches on and makes Shawn’s life miserable. After all, once a gang member, always a gang member. His very blood belongs to them.

Threats become promises. Whispers become actions. Words become bullets. He must fight – not only for his life, but to save his honor, prove his integrity, and protect the woman he loves.

An ember of hope glows in the darkness, strengthening his resolve. Will her support and his determination be enough to dispel the shadows of his past?

A story of discovery and faith, love and perseverance.

 Tialla Rising on Goodreads
Tialla Rising is a Christian young woman living with her family in the mountains of Arizona. She loves to write and will passionately spend hours long into the night developing her stories. Like most writers, Tialla fills her spare time with reading from her favorite fantasy and mystery genres. A good book, a stormy day, and an iced coffee comprise her favorite moments.

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  1. Thank you so much for participating in my cover reveal! I love how you designed this post. Very artistic! :)


  2. You're very welcome! And thank you - I'm glad you love it :)


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