Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'm Ditching Disqus...Hopefully for Good!!

So, some of you may remember my post from last year, Comment Headache.  I explained the issues I was having with Disqus, and hadn't planned on using their system again.  They were glitchy with several things, messing up in many areas, and generally just pissing me off.

They got better, and fixed their issues.  I decided to give them another shot, since I do like the system over all.

They worked for a few months, putting my frustration at ease.  We had some laughs, comments were working, and they even came out with some pretty cool updates, many of which I applied to my blog, and loved.

That's ended.

Yet again, they're having more issues.  Different from last year, but now all new issues, all of which are driving me nuts.

Besides dropping random comments for no reason, it started mixing up comments, putting them on the wrong posts, or simply missing them completely.  They aren't syncing to my base commenting system on the blog, so comments are essentially disappearing into the abyss of the internet.

I hate this, because I adore comments!  I love when people visit my blog, and want to comment.  My whole point with this blog, is to connect with people over a common interest.  Deleting those precious comments is basically cry-worthy.

So, I'm done.  Disqus and I have had a rocky relationship, full of frustration and tension.  Their communication efforts are terrible, the effort they put into fixing issues is minimal, and basically, I just don't feel like they are there for me.  They can't give me what I need, comment wise.  So, it's time to move on.

I'm giving CommentLuv a shot, since they are the other big system out there used for comments.  People seem to love them, and they've been around a lot longer.  Hopefully that means they'll have their glitches worked out already, or at least minimal levels of problems.

I'm crossing my fingers for a better relationship with CommentLuv - I mean, they have love right in the title, so yeah.  Hopefully it'll be a much healthier experience :)

What are your experiences with Disqus and CommentLuv, as either a blogger or commentor?  Do you prefer either one over the other?  Is there another system you'd recommend?  Let me know, please! 

Thanks! =)

And thanks for stopping by, and reading my post.  I appreciate it - and you! =D