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"The Chosen One" by Rafael Shamay *Review*

Hiya guys! I've got a new review for you this week!

I'm a bit bummed this wasn't better, but honestly, it wasn't because of the idea. The plot concept was awesome! The topic is right up my alley, and a subject I love studying!

Formatting and editing can be a major pain though, especially if English isn't your dominant language.

You can check out my review for this book under the general info, and see what you think.

 The Chosen One
~Released: September 2nd, 2016

~Length: 156 Pages

~Genres: Adult Fiction

Allow me to introduce you a new gripping historical thriller: The Chosen One. And in March 2017 can't come fast enough until I'll finish my second book. 

What would you do if you found out that you're involved in one of the most exciting events in the history of mankind against your will? 

The tragedy that happened to Erez on a routine trip in the Judean desert when he lost his best friend in floods and almost found his death, changed his life forever. Since he met Yonit, a mysterious girl who was a volunteer at the Hospital which was hospitalized, found himself involved reluctantly in one of the big exciting events that impacted on our cultural world. 

An ancient scroll that was hidden for centuries in a jug in a cave in the Judean desert, exposed accidently and threatening to awaken a dark desires and hidden power struggles in order to prevent information disclosure which about to change forever their lives of many people in the future. Only one person can help against all oods. Will he succeed? 

Present and past meet in a rare moment where the scrolls told us a story about the inhabitants of Qumran, an isolated community near the Dead Sea that tries to maintain their unique style and their existence, in the changing environment. Where violence is increasing, corruption raising its head, and ethics pushed to a corner, and eventually caused the destruction of the community at the end of the Second Temple period, during the Great Revolt. 

The book focuses on the personal story of a special family, from descendants of the giants who lived in the community and managed to survive to this day, despite the difficult moments of crisis and despair that happened them throughout the generations and of the need to maintain on the ember. 

Human Angels are a fascinating series of books written by author Rafael Shamay. 

Sweeping storyline and full of vicissitudes and adventure, reading experience of a remarkable suspense literature which been taken from the cultural treasures which shared to all of us. 

The book is sophisticated and breathless thriller that received excellent criticism from critics literary and readers, and was written about in the newspapers. 
"I would highly recommend this book for anyone who likes fascinating book. I'll be eagerly waiting for the next book", Dan Bradley. 

It would be great if you could read this book and share it with your friends and family!

 My Review

 Two Roses

*Please note, this review is honest. I mean no disrespect at all for the author, or anyone involved with the creation or publication of the current edition I was presented with. I received a complimentary eCopy, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review, which is presented below.*

Great concept and idea, but this is what ghostwriters are for.

The story idea presented in The Chosen One is fantastic. The synopsis drew me in immediately, and I knew it had the potential to be a great read. That's where it stops - it has potential, but it is far from finished.

While reading this book, I was forced to deal with two glaring issues:

1) The formatting was atrocious. It was bad enough to leave me with a terrible headache. It took me twice as long as a typical book of it's length to finish, because of the choppiness. Sentences were cut into multiple paragraphs mid-way through, and the basic structure simply wasn't there.

2) I highly suspect that English is not the main, or even fluent language for the author, especially when it comes to writing. At the level it's currently at, I would say it was written by a small child. There were errors in every sentence, and it was difficult to understand what was being described - much of the story was left to educated guesses as to what was going on.

The book overall, left me with a feeling of "this is what ghostwriters are for." If nothing else, it needs to be edited by an English editor, if not simply translated from his dominant language, and needs a major overhaul. While I understand the difficulty of writing a story in a foreign language, it does take more work, and generally means working with another person, to ensure it is understandable.

As it is, the story isn't set up in any kind of structure, and has a shaky foundation at best. It rambles for most of the book - especially the first half - making it impossible to really connect with the plot or events. If it was consolidated and organized better, it would probably end up a novella in length.

The author has a fantastic idea, and while I'm not quite sure he is a natural writer, I think he could have a great book, if he worked with a partner on it. Perhaps a co-author, or as previously mentioned, a ghostwriter. At the very least, this book needs to be re-edited in order to be presentable for public consumption, because I do now have a terrible headache.

As it stands, I would not recommend this book. If it was at least edited, and formatted correctly, I would upgrade it to 3 roses/stars, and recommend it to others.

If you plan to give this book a try, let me know in the comments below! Also, what is your best advice for an author writing a book in a language they aren't strong in? Maybe we can get some great ideas flowing! Let us know in the comments!

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