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Comic Book Review!
"Finding Molly: Adventures in Catsitting" by Justine Prado!

 Comic Book Tour!

Hiya peeps! DRR is super excited to share a new release with you today!

We've never reviewed a graphic novel before today, and are super excited to have had the opportunity! Thank you to YA Bound Book Tours & the author for the fun read!

Check it out, and be sure to pick up a copy - you won't regret it! =D

Finding Molly

Adventures in Catsitting

(Volume 1)
 Finding Molly

~Released: January 15th, 2017

~Length: 128 Pages

~Parent's Guide: G

~Genres: New Adult, Graphic Novel, Comic Book, Contemporary

Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting is a graphic novel about Molly Sanchez-Talebi, an unemployed art school grad who hesitantly starts catsitting to pay the bills. She dreams of breaking out of suburbia and her artistic rut, but she has a lot of self-discovery to do before that happens. The comic follows her funny misadventures as she learns that maybe these (sometimes) friendly felines are just what she needs to get her life on track.

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 About the Authors
 Author & Illustrator

Finding your place in the world after High School and University is difficult for most people. For artists, it's often times impossible, and far more challenging. After all, "professional artist" isn't exactly a high-demand career area, even with a degree.

For Molly, however, she's got good friends around her, parents who love her, and crazy cats to help her find her way. In this contemporary graphic novel, we follow her through the process of finding herself, growing up, and becoming a woman. Her personality is relatable, and if we aren't similar to her ourselves, it's likely that we know at least one person who is. In fact, all the characters are relatable and recognizable in modern life, giving the story a realistic world that's easy to fall into for a little while.

It's a quick read, with awesome illustrations. It flows almost like a story-board for an animated film, with the same type of humor most fans of young adult/new adult enjoy. I would be surprised if any graphic novel fan was disappointed, and it's definitely something I think most ya/na fans would enjoy experiencing, even if graphic novels is a new area for them.

The only negative about the story for me was the predictable-ness of it. Many aspects were fairly common, and it seemed as though the author followed an outline for how to write a story. Although it somewhat seemed like a real-life story too, so in a way, it's just realistic. It isn't something that takes away from the story at all, simply something I noticed, and found interesting.

The illustrations were fantastic, and easy to understand. The story was easy to follow, and the overall message was uplifting, and inspiring in a way. I wish there was more to read from this story, and I would definitely enjoy reading another story by this author/illustrator team. Highly recommended, and quite enjoyable.

*I was given a complimentary eCopy of this novel, from the author via YA Bound Book Tours, to read in exchange for an honest review.


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