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"A Heavenly Christmas" by Patricia Wilton!

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Hiya peeps! I've got a new audiobook review for  you today, perfect for the upcoming Christmas season! Yes, I am one of those Christmas-starts-Nov-first kinda gals. Actually, I start my holiday celebrating when October hits!

If you're looking for a good series for next month, be sure to check this one out! My review for book two is happening next Wednesday, so be sure to check this one out real quick, see an interview with the author, and enter the giveaway at the end of the post!

A Heavenly Christmas

A Heavenly Christmas, Book One

 A Heavenly Christmas
~Author: Patrice Wilton

~Narrator: Rita Page

~Released: September 15th, 2016

~Length: 6 hours 11 minutes
(179 Pages)

~Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Adult Fiction

Jennie Braxton and her two small children are traveling to Philadelphia for Christmas with her family. Car trouble lands them in a magical town called Heaven, PA. Everything about this sweet place seems too good to be true, especially Nick Ryan, a local chef with a heart as big as her own. His sensual smile tempts her from mourning the loss of her husband, to look into the future. Can her dreams of finding happiness again come true, or will her heart hide safely in the past?

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 About the Author

 Patrice Wilton
Patrice Wilton knew from the age of twelve that she wanted to write books that would take the reader to faraway places. She was born in Vancouver, Canada, and had a great need to see the world that she had read about.

Patrice became a flight attendant for seventeen years and traveled the world. At the age of forty she sat down to write her first book—in longhand! Her interests include tennis, golf, and writing stories for women of all ages.

She is a mother of two, has four lovely grand-daughters and one grandson, and a wonderful man at her side. They live in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he teaches her golf, and she teaches him patience.

She has twenty-five books published on Amazon, and is a NY Times and USA Today best selling author.

~ Connect with Patrice Online ~

 Rita Page
Rita Page was always the first to volunteer to read aloud, whether it was Bible verses during family devotions or stories to her classmates in elementary school. Now as a freelance videographer and voice talent, Rita is passionate about using her God-given talents and tools to produce stories that reach the heart.

She also loves horses, beach volleyball and creating healthy, colorful and tasty meals with whole fruits and veggies.

~ Connect with Rita Online ~

 Audio Excerpt

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by Patrice Wilton

What holiday(s) does your family celebrate?
I grew up in Canada, but moved around the world once I was married. We have always celebrated Christmas, with a tree, ornaments, and of course gifts in every country we lived. We also celebrate Thanksgiving, but now that we live in the US we celebrate it in November and not October. We also do Easter, and when my kids were young we enjoyed Halloween.

What's your favorite Christmas tradition? 
We love having my daughter and her family joining us at Christmas time, as we live in West Palm Beach and they are in New Jersey. When they come we go out to Spoto’s Oyster Bar for Christmas eve, and then come home and open one present. The following day it’s a delight to watch the children open their presents and see their joy. We might watch a Christmas show in the late afternoon and have a wonderful turkey dinner, followed by Christmas music and lively conversation. It’s a time for families to be together.

What was your most memorable Christmas experience as a child? And as an adult? 
When my daughter was three we had a family friend dress up as Santa Claus and deliver presents. My daughter knew right away who he was and asked what “Brian” was doing at our house in his santa outfit. Needless to say, we never asked him back! 

Do you have a favorite Christmas dish? 
If so, what is it and can you share the recipe? My mother loved to bake and she did wonderful shortbread cookies, butter tarts and mincemeat tarts. I made the mincemeat tarts one year and loved them, but my husband had never had them before and I ended up eating them all myself! No family around that Christmas, I’m sorry to say.  Here is a recipe for your enjoyment. Use short crust pastry (store bought is fine!) and put your round shells into a 12 cup muffin tin. For the filling, a 11 ounce jar of mincemeat, ½ medium Granny Smith apple, peeled, cored and grated, zest of a lemon - you may add chopped nuts or candied fruit, or a little extra brandy or rum! Enjoy! 

What's the best Christmas gift you've ever received? 
My family. Having moved around the world and married twice, my husband and I have no family close. We have 4 adult children with families of their own, and they live in different states from us. We also have nine grand children between us. 

What Christmas gift would you buy for your main characters? 
Easy. An engagement ring!

 My Review

 4.5 Roses

Rated R

Sweet, with only a little bit of heat.

I'm quite a sucker for sweet romances, and this one is definitely full of sugar. On the same level as Hallmark movies, which make the best stories to enjoy during the holiday season. Jennie and Nick are definitely a sweet couple, and their story is the quintessential true-love style romance.

Jennie, a widow with two young daughters, is not looking for a man. Simply a happy holiday at her parent's house. A puppy changes not only her life, but the lives of her girls, and a local restaurant owner, Nick. Without knowing exactly what hit either of them, love swept them up faster than a fresh blanket of snow, covering anything from their past that may keep them apart.

Listening to this book was wonderful, and definitely compared well to watching an actual Hallmark movie. The narrator did a wonderful job, and even with my preference for speeding the book up a few notches, she was clear and gave the story a wonderful sense of character. I especially loved the way she portrayed the little girls - what skill!

I only have one complaint with this book, and it's simply a personal preference. I don't enjoy bedroom scenes, and this one had quite an explicit one. With audiobooks, it's far more difficult to skip scenes like that, than it is with written books. Because it's simply my taste, and was fairly far into the book that was otherwise mostly clean, I only took off half a rose.

This is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone who enjoys this type of story, and I am excited to start the sequel! Many thanks to the author for the chance to listen and review this book.

*I received a complimentary audiobook copy of this book, from the author via Audiobookworm Promotions, to listen to in exchange for an honest review.


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