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"Catch Me If You Can" by Miss Mae!

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Catch Me If You Can

 Catch Me If You Can
~Author: Miss Mae

~Narrators: Stephen Mendel, Dave Mallow, J.W. Terry, Toni Attell, Robin Riker

~Released: November 11th, 2016

~Length: 5 hours and 51 minutes

~Genres: Suspense

On an island bordering the coast of South Carolina, a convention is planned for "Catch Me" game enthusiasts. The game, designed by Stuart Harrington, wealthy businessman, is the genius behind the hottest game craze. But only ten guests are able to arrive before Brian, a category four hurricane, makes landfall. Lois Steinberg washes ashore on the beach. Amongst strangers, she has no idea who to trust and when Paul, the cook, is found murdered, events happen too eerily reminiscent of any "Catch Me" game that Stuart Harrington could ever conceive.

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 About the Author

 Miss Mae
Miss Mae is all about romantic mysteries. With her writing style compared to the likes of Agatha Christie, her books “Said the Spider to the Fly”, “When the Bough Breaks”, “Dove Island”, “It’s Elementary, My Dear Winifred” and “See No Evil, My Pretty Lady” are award winning best sellers. The novellas “Miss Penelope’s Letters”, and “Through a Glass Darkly” have received top rated five-star reviews. Her latest murder mystery, “Catch Me If You Can”, in audio format, has won the platinum award in the 2017 Hermes Creative International Competition. Tantalizing trailers, and more information, is readily available at her website.

She’s also penned three tales in the ‘Ahoy, Mischaps!’ children’s/humor series. Book #1 is “Ahoy, Gum Drop!” followed by Book #2 “Ahoy, Out There!” with Book #3, “Ahoy, Mummy Mia!” In these slightly cracked stories, readers are introduced to a cast of intriguing, extraordinary and downright bizarre characters, accompanied by the one and only I.B. Nosey, the ‘official unofficial’ reporter. To learn more about the ‘Mischaps’ and cyberspace’s only Pukelitzer Award winning interviewer, visit ‘Feeling Nosey?’

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Rated R

Real Life Clue, Death and All

What if you washed ashore, on a random island, in a storm? What if the people on that island, where basically insane, or at least, it would seem? Stuck with a group of people playing a dangerous came of "Catch Me" for a convention, it turns dangerously realistic when one of the people end up dead. Forced to not only prove she isn't the killer - as the loner of the group - Lois must survive this island, if she can.

She isn't the only person I feel bad for, honestly. While her situation is any traveler's nightmare, the convention group didn't sign up for a real murder mystery. They are just a group of rich, bored people who wanted to play a game, and have a vacation. A real murder spooks them all, and you can't help but wonder who would do it, will it happen again, and will Stuart put on another "Catch Me" game convention in the future. Most of his guests, I would think, would vote he didn't.

This is probably one of my favorite audiobooks so far. With multiple actors for the characters, instead of one person having to play men, women, and children, this book has a full cast of voice for the characters, making it only a step away from putting the book into film. Each actor did well, lending their voices to make this story jump to life, and send chills down your spine. With a well-written story, they definitely had a good story to act out. It will be difficult to listen to another audiobook with only one narrator now - this book has spoiled me!

If you're a fan of audiobooks, suspenseful mysteries, or good stories in general, I would highly recommend this one. You won't be disappointed.

*I was given a complimentary eCopy of this audiobook, from the author via Audiobookworm Promotions, to read in exchange for an honest review

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