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"Eric Elmoor and the Gauntlet of Godric" by Thomas Meyers!

Hey peeps, Rose here.   So, one of my author friends is running an awesome promotion for his book right now, and asked me to share it with you guys.  It's for a book I've reviewed, and really really enjoyed.  You can see my review here, or check out the spotlight below for more info!  This is an awesome book for any fantasy fan, for sure.  It's like the Hobbit/LotR, mixed with Percy Jackson, mixed with I don't know what, but it's awesome!  Check it out, and pick it up today!  Why not, it's Free! :D

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 Eric Elmoor and the Gauntlet of Godric

The Eric Elmoor Saga, #1

~Released: December 6th, 2012

~Length: 260 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure

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Welcome to Novogard – Where lands have been shattered from racial division. Where a powerful government has begun its encroachment onto unwilling societies. Where the magical and the technological collide.

Fifteen year old Eric Elmoor has always felt like an outcast; ceaselessly teased about his unusual purple eyes, never fitting into any particular group at school, raised only by his mother since his father died inexplicably when he was only a small child. But when three warlocks simultaneously attack the three biggest cities in all of Novogard, Eric is taken on a journey to the elf homeland where the secrets of his mysterious origins will be revealed and the power within him unleashed...and a forbidden relationship with the chieftain's goddaughter begins.

With the warlocks and their hellish horde now threatening the borders of the elvish lands, Eric must find the courage to make a stand and face the one who murdered his father in the vain hope of saving all of Novogard from utter ruin.

 About the Author





In a hole in the wall there lived a writer...

Where to begin? Well, I can honestly tell you that I cannot remember when I first started putting pen to paper. But I do know that I have always had a fascination with storytelling and that it has always been my dream to share those stories with other people.

My "professional" writing career began with screenplays. You know, those documents that eventually turn into movies that have entirely too much white on the page. Yeah, I've written several of those. I became a semi-finalist in a monthly contest when Amazon Studios was still doing month-to-month contests. And another one of my scripts also garnered interests from UK and US producers but kept on hearing the same thing: the budget was too high. "The story is great," they said. "But we can't put $50 million toward a project written by an unknown." My dreams were shattered.

Amidst all this daring-do in trying to sell my scripts, I even tried to get my wife to read a few of them but she found the format of screenplays jarring (as most people who've never read one and suddenly tries can attest to). She told me that she'll read my book (whenever it was that I came around to writing one).

I still had faith in my screenplay writing abilities and kept trying to plunge forward. But I found that I kept running into a brick wall and my face was beginning to turn bloody from it. The reason? I write too big. The budgets for every one of my scripts were in the $10 million+ range and no one would invest in a new writer with that kind of money at stake.

So, on a family vacation to Orlando, Florida, we arrived at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure on the day The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened along with 6,000 other people. After riding everything else that the park had to offer in under four hours, we decided to brave the 6 hour wait in line to see what the new Harry Potter park had to offer.

We waited and waited. Then...I got bored. While standing in line, there was a big jumbotron that was showing various scenes from the Potter films and the thought hit me: Rowling has her own world, Tolkien has his own world, so does George Lucas and even James Cameron. I want MY own world!

At that point I left my wife and son in the line while I ran to the nearest gift shop and purchased a leather-bound Hogwart's journal for entirely too much money, returned to my family, pulled out a pen that I always carry with me, and stared at a blank page while the line slowly crawled forward. What the hell do I write?

Then something hit me: Nearly all traditional fantasy takes place in a quasi-medieval world where people still fought with swords and shields and castles peppered the lands. What if a world like that were to evolve into a technological society? A world of towering metropolis's and public transportation and more advanced weaponry? How would the dwarves, elves, gnomes, and humans interact in this advanced world? Would EVERYONE sign on to this technological revolution? From that point on, the flood gates were open.

I wrote various ideas and possible plotlines all the way until we arrived at the gates of Hogsmead 5 hours later, stopping only to use the restroom, get a drink, or grab a dose of nicotine. I had created my own world. The world of Abeodor. The story that hatched in my mind takes place on one of the 5 continents in that world: Novogard.

That was in 2010. Since then I have fleshed out all 5 books into solid scant outlines and finished the first book in the series.

So why self-publish? Well, in the 5 years of trying to break into the movie industry, I began to tire of people telling me 'no' at every turn. With self-publishing, I don't have to do that. I don't have to deal with a Council of Editors that I have to appease in order to have a publisher release my book.

What do you think of this book?  Does it sound interesting?  Did you buy it?  Let us know in the comments below!

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